Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's over finally

51 minutes. Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. Still it's a big improvement over the Clinton era.

Dub acknowledges the corruption

Dub needs some better speechwriters. Why bring up the ethics issues? He's leaving himself wide open.

finallly, the Sam Alito applause line

Yea! It almost took an hour, but we acknowledgement of Alito. No shots of the Democrats on Fox though. Lame.

Math and Science initiative

Will someone please point out to me in the Constitution where the government is authorized to do any of the stuff flowing out Dub's mouth? I'm getting dizzy.

The Ethanol Pipe Dream

Bush is really off the reservation now. Ethanol from woodchips and sawgrass? Mmmmm'k, you keep dreaming Dub-man.

Pronoucing "nuclear"

Isn't it entertaining to hear Dub pronounce "nuclear"? It cracks me up everytime I hear it.

Health care proposals yada yada

How many times have I heard this? I predict zero will be done on this.

Dissing Dub on Social Security

Oh the Democrats really stuck it to Dub when he acknowledged that Congress didn't deal with Social Security. Dub, Dub, Dub. Don't give them an applause line. Come on now.

Call for the Line item Veto!

I like this proposal. Nothing will start reigning government faster then this simple proposal.

making the tax cuts permanent

I don't understand how the Republicans haven't gotten this done yet. They have the house and senate, so there should be no excuses.

Finally, domestic issues

All right, at long last were talking turkey. Dub is trashing protectionism, socialism, and anti-immigrant. All good things.

Fox News showing Hillary

The whole reason I'm watching Fox is so I don't have to look at Hillary. They're killing me.

Patriot Act Redux

I'm so tired of the Patriot Act. Look, what the heck is wrong with getting warrants. If it takes too long to get them, then get more judges.

Dissing Isolationism

I'm tired of everybody trashing isolationism. I don't even like the term isolationism. It's been hopelessly corrupted by World War II. Let's call it what they do on Star Trek: Non-intervention. Nothing wrong with that.

Throwing it down on Iran

Looks like war number 3 for Dub is coming. Israel will take care of the problem if we don't.

Honoring Sgt Daniel Clay

This part gets me every time. All the sacrifices of the men and women of the Armed Forces are getting the recognition they deserve. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Complete the Mission

I agree with Dub on finishing the job. You have to complete what you start. But hopefully this will be the last nation building project we ever take on.

Back to form

Bush rambles on about the war, Republicans stand and cheer, Democrats sit on thier hands. The theater is back in action.

No peace in retreat

Yeah but there is peace in never getting involved in the first place. Not that we'd ever know.

talking foriegn policy

Bush is going on and on about our interventions everywhere. Will someone please add up the cost of all these little adventures? Activist foriegn policy equals bigger government.

The Spirit of "Goodwill"

More on the supposed Great Divide. Please! The issues that are debated are theater designed to distract us from The Undeniable Reality: Government is big, and will only get bigger with the Republicrats in power.

Coretta Scott King tribute

Should have saw this one coming. Good applause line.

Dub is in the House

Well finally W is in the chamber. Sheila Jackson made her annual play for the cameras. Little kiss on the cheek for Condi. I swear there's something going on between them. This is Washington at its best, the Republicrats throwing down the facade showing that they deep down really love each other, and that they all in it together to make government bigger.

State of the Union update

A lot of talk about the "divisiveness" being as bad as it's ever been. Please. Do you remember the Clinton years? He was just as polarizing as Bush, the difference he was better covered by the liberal media. Trust me, he was loathed by a lot of people.

Cindy Sheehan detained, not arrested

Either way she's stupid for her timing. CNN would have loved to shown that during the middle of the speech.

Justice Alito has arrived

Justice Alito joined his fellow justices, which is a good sign. He's in and ready to go.

Cindy Sheehan arrested!

Yes! Cindy Sheehan's evil anti troops message will not be seen tonight thanks to her stupidity. Supposedly she unfurled a banner which is against the rules of the House. Hey Cindy, why don't you wait for the speech so people would actually see it. Dumb.

State of the Union update

Our esteemed Senator Barak Obama is now in the chamber. I loved what he said earlier this week, basically saying the Democrats need to quit using procedural tactics and start winning elections. Duh.

State of the Union update

I just beamed over to CNN (I can only take so much of the O'Reilly factor) and they mentioned that there will be a bomb sniffing dog that served in the President's box. A dog. Is this the cheapest gimmick ever at a State of the Union? It's got to be in the Top 5 if it isn't.

State of The Union Preview

Seeing that a Libertarian is not giving the State of the Union tonight, two things will be for certain: a slew of new government spending, and a lot of clapping. Normally I don't watch this tripe, but one event that occurred today will have me blogging: Newly minted Supreme Court Jusctice Samuel Alito. I can't wait for his applause line and the looks that will be on Senator Kerry and Kennedy's face. That will undoubtedly be the highlight of what otherwise be a farce. I'll try and liven up things up with some off color stuff to keep it interesting. Stay tuned.

Great Expectations for Alito

Samuel Alito has overcome a filibuster effort from the two useless senators from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is now the 110th Supreme Court Justice. I greatly look forward to all the cases that will come up before the Court and fully expect that many of the decisions that have gone 5-4 in the past will now towards the people. With any luck, maybe Ruth Beta Ginsberg will tire of being on the losing end of these decisions and step down.

Live blog of the State of the Union tonight here at The Tinley Harrier. Check in for my real time commentary and analysis.

Monday, January 30, 2006

In Defense Of Google

Frankly, I am tired of all this supposed uproar towards Google. Simply because they've decided to do business with a country that every other big player is doing business with does not make them evil. Google has done so much for the world, giving us an awesome search engine, the best e-mail service, the best news site, a superior mapping tool, Blogger, AdSense, and a whole other slew of things FOR FREE. Yet there are those that would call them evil because they censor some searches in China. Look, you don't change a country by ignoring them. You engage them, trade with them, play by the rules, and in time the Chinese people will rise up and demand to be heard. We did this with the Soviet Union and the Iron Curtain fell. People can not resist freedom. People will wonder what is being blocked and the truth will get out. The truth being China is a communist dictatorship that will one day implode under the weight of those who yearn to breathe free. It will come. Google going to China will only accelerate this process. Because in the end, censored Google is much better then no Google at all.

Sunday, January 29, 2006


The transition from mikepaus.myserver.org to here is continuing. Tomorrow I'm going to try editing the template to get my links back. Also I'd like to get Sitemeter statistics over here as well.

A Picture Share!

Couch computing

Today's run

I ran 3.5 miles in a rather long time I'd rather not discuss. Nevertheless, it felt good and now I've run two days in a row for the first time in who knows how long. I overcame my fear of my scale and just barely avoided 170 and came in at 16.4 percent body fat. The scary thing is I actually thought it was going to be worse.

New Oak Park Avenue Buildin

Looking down 172nd Street, to the west is the new condos/fitness center going up. I figured I'd take a picture of it once a week to see it's progress.

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Blueman Group

I've seen Blue Man Group 5 times, and it's still great. I got tickets for Roxanne since she had never seen it, and she loved it. As we were leaving I remembered that we were outside the no photo section, so I took out the Treo for this picture of Roxanne with a Blue Man. It's really a great show if you've never seen it then you should really try and see it.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

First run of 2006

I ran for the first time in a while tonight. Nothing major, probably just under 2 miles. I didn't have the Garmin Forerunner with me. Sometimes I just need to run. I haven't had much a chance really what with the crazy hours I've been working. It's always just getting started. Once I'm actually running, it's awesome. The Treo is on, blasting Rush or my tunes, and I just go. I wish I could just instantaneously go from Bed to running. I'm going to look into streamlining my steps for getting ready, maybe go back to sleeping in my running gear. Of course there's the matter of having enough clean running gear, but these are issues that will be tackled. 'Til then I feel good for now.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Blogging from e-mail

Thank the maker. I can now update the blog without the ridiculous 160 character limit of text messages. Plus, I only get 100 free text messages per month. On a completely different note, I'm watching Dennis Miller: All in, and it's fantastic. This may be my favorite HBO special.

How government makes gas expensive audiopost

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Sms checkin - love the audioblog feature, now I need to try it with the headset.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Samuel Alito Audioblog

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In Love With Google

I think I'm heads over heals in love with Google. The coolest thing I've yet seen is now here: Audioblogging! Now I can start down the long winding career path to being the Libertarian version of Rush Limbaugh. The only thing I have to remember is to talk louder, which normally is not a problem for me. I'll be posting again soon. This is so exciting I think I'm officially going to start moving everything off of mikepaus.myserver.org onto Blogger!

First Audio Post!

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Venus Transit picture

Hello every one. Here is a image from the Venus transit of the Sun of 2004. I posted this to see how pictures post on Blogger.

Quest for the six pack I actually lifted two sets on bench and did about 4 minutes of abslide today at lunch. Down the road I begin...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Shameless Plug

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Picture Share!

Jermain Dye at whitesox victory parade

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy new year! Trying out another SMS post again today. One day I'll just move all of my blogging over to blogger as its so much easier to manage it here. I'd like to make a few predictions for 2006: The Bears will not win the Super Bowl. I'll be living somewhere else by the end of the year. Samuel Alito will be filibustered, triggering a suspension of filibustering on Supreme Court Justices. The Da Vinci code will be this year's biggest movie and cause a massive condemnation from the Catholic Church.