Monday, February 26, 2007

Cloning your MAC to connect to your cable modem

Had some more downtime with Comcast. For reasons that absolutely mystify me, every web page I went to started going to the "welcome to comcast internet" or some such nonsense. This was very frustrating, as I was on the internet, but could only go to one page. I hate Comcast. However, since I was still on the internet (ableit in a very limited capacity) the situation seemed salvagable and I could avoid the dreaded installer visit. I had to call them up at 1-800-COMCAST after two attempts of downloading/running their crummy install software got me absolutely nowhere. Two more attempts and the tech support guy finally said, "um, try one more time, this time I completely took your modem out of the system it will be like you're a brand new customer". Sure enough on my fifth reboot of the afternoon my connection was restored and Google News was greeting me with the latest on the legal status of Anna Nicole's body. Joy! One problem: My laptop only worked if it was directly connected to the cable modem via ethernet cable (I doubted Comcast would talk to me if I had my router between the cable modem and the laptop). Obviously, this was not good. Besides the fact I've gone accustomed to Wi-fi, I have another computer in the house that I share the broadband connection with. Also, some day in the near future, God willing, I'd like to connect a Nintendo Wii. I've always used a linksys broadband router and it has NEVER had a problem with my DSL modems or even the cable modem until now. The cable modem, however, was being very stubborn. It turns out that cable modems only work with one MAC, that 48-bit address that uniquely identifys every piece of ethernet equipment on the planet. The cable modem was only listening to my laptop's MAC as that was the computer that was connected to it when the cable modem was registered. Very lame. Resisting the impulse to drop Comcast like a bad habit and revert to slow but reliable DSL, I researched the problem. It turns out that you can clone the MAC of whatever PC you signed on to comcast with my Linksys router (mine is a WRT54G wi-fi broadband router). Once you've done the cloning, Comcast is fooled into thinking your WRT54G is your computer. Kaplah! (That's Klingon for success, yes I'm a dork). Linksys has a wonderful little tutorial for this procedure on thier website here.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still a Libertarian. I'm also a realist, so let's face facts: I have as much a chance of being President of the United States of America as whoever the Libertarian Party puts up in 2008 (seeing as I'm not even 35, that would be a zero chance). So, now that we've cleared that up, it's time for me to throw down my support for Rudy Giuliani as the 44th President. Rudy gets my vote for his leadership, his ability to get elected, and he is the best chance of Hillary Rodham not being our Chief Executive. Rudy Giuliani is, first and foremost, a leader. The leader. If you look up leader in the dictionary, there should be a picture of him. This is the man that stepped up on 9/11 while President Bush was still jetting around on Air Force One. This is the man that rallied a nation from the depths of despair even though it wasn't his job. People look up to this man, trust him, will follow him anywhere, anytime. Americans will be at the polls an hour before they are open to vote for Rudy Giuliani. Almost important as his leadership credentials is Giulian's electability. Rudy could single handedly destroy the red-state/blue-state era of the Electoral College. I cannot envision a scenario where he wouldn't win New York State, unless the citizens of Gotham get collective amnesia. The Empire State's 33 electoral votes that would go to the GOP would almost be impossible for the Democrats to overcome, requiring Florida and Ohio to flip blue. What really makes GOP strategists drool, however, is the other states Giuliani puts in to play. New Jersey, just across the river from Manhattan, would become a viable candidate to turn red, requiring a shift of Democrat campaign funds that will sorely be needed elsewhere. Blue collar states like Michigan and Pennsylvania would no longer be automatic wins for the Democrats. Even the liberal wonderland of California would be vulnerable thanks to Giuliani's moderate social views, and no Democrat can possibly be elected without the Golden State's electoral votes. The last, but certainly not least of my reasons for support Mr. Giuliani is this undeniable truth: Hillary Clinton will win the Democratic primary (the media's love affair with Barack Obama will fade quickly). America had eight years with a Clinton in charge, I cannot possibly imagine another four. With the exception of America's Mayor, I honestly don't see any potential candidate the Republicans have matching up well with her. John McCain is a loose cannon who is one Howard Dean moment away from leaving the national stage. Mitt Romney's election to governor of the most liberal state in the Union (Taxachusetts) as a Republican is an impressive achievement, unfortunately, I don't see America putting a Mormon into the White House anytime soon. Newt Gingrich, Tommy Thompson and other pretenders wil be knocked out by the time of the New Hampshire primary. Now I know some of you are saying that people will turn out in droves to vote against Hillary. I counter by telling you that are people who will turn out in droves for her, if only becuase she is a woman and they want to be a part of history. Some misguided people will vote for her thinking that Slick Willie will once again be calling the shots. This election is too important to be left to chance. We need the best possible candidate against Hillary. We need someone people will want to vote for, not the lesser of two evils. Rudy, please, don't tease us anymore and make your presidential run official. In these difficult times, America needs you now, more then ever.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Honey Bears Curse Strikes Again!

I knew we were in trouble the second I said it. Thomas Jones had just busted out a 52 yard run, and the Bears were in the red zone about to go up 8. "It looks like we're going to break the Honey Bears curse after all!". I regretted it as soon I said it. You see, my father noted after the 1986 Bears were booted from the playoffs in the first round by the Redskins, the reason for the loss was the Bears no longer had the Honey Bears. The Honey Bears, for you youngsters out there, were Chicago's cheerleading squad that last roamed the Soldier Field sidelines in the glorious 1985 Super Bowl run. Not by coincidence, the Bears have not won a Super Bowl in entire 21 years since. Sure, you could chalk up the Bears losing Super Bowl XLI to Rex Grossman's unparalled incompetence, or point to the Bears defense which inexplicably forgot how to tackle while in South Florida, or maybe even Cedric Benson's fumbly fingers and bum knee. Whatever. The fact of the matter is that until the McCaskey family shells out for some nice eye candy, there will be no more Lombardi trophies going to Halas Hall. The sad thing is that this curse is so easy to lift. Cheerleaders make like $20 a game. It's nothing! It's not like the Jordan curse on the Bulls, which will only be lifted if the team is sold to his Airness. And it's positively trivial compared to the what the Cubs have been enduring from the Billy Goat. Let's stop the madness. If you're going to a Bears game next year, make a sign that says "Break the Curse! Bring back the Honey Bears! The trophy room at Halas Hall will thank you.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl is finally here!

It's Sunday morning and it's finally here: Bears vs. The Colts in Super Bowl XLI. The Bears are somehow 7 points underdog which makes me long for legalized sports betting even more then I usually do. The Bears are the Rodney Dangerfield of the NFL, getting no respect even though they have a better defense (at line, linebacker AND secondary), a better offensive line, better running backs and way better special teams. I hope I didn't just curse the Bears by ststating those facts. Of course, there's the Rex Grossmn factor, which surely accounts for a few points of the spread. Rex, however (and this pains me to admit) doesn't completely suck. Plus, he'll be handing the ball off to Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson most of the game, taking a lot of pressure off him and setting up play-action.

What about Peyton Manning you may be saying? Look, I haven't trusted Peyton Manning in the Big Game since he flopped against Nebraska his senior year at Tennessee. Oh yeah, he also never beat Florida the entire time he was in college. The Colts squeak by the Patriots, at home, thanks to some huge drops at inoppurtune times by the Pats receivers, and everyone thinks he's got the monkey off his back. Well, it isn't gone unless he goes through Brian Urlacher and the Bears today, and believe me when I say number 54 in the navy jersey wants this game every bit as much as number 18 in the white jersey will.

Did I mention special teams? Yes, but let me be more specific: Devin Hester, Robbie Gould, Brad Meynard, and Adrian Peterson.

Devin Hester is a return man of Desmond Howard ability or better. Plus he's playing in Miami, where he also played his college ball at the U.

Robbie Gould is solid at placekicker and led the leauge in scoring (for kickers).

Brad Meynard is the rare master of the angled punt and can place the ball inside the 20 consistently.

Adrain Peterson? Yes, the Bears number 3 tailback would be starting on some teams, but his tackling on kick coverage never fails to impress me. This guy's a gamer.

So, final prediction: Bears 30, Colts 17.