Sunday, March 25, 2007

Devin Hester visits New Lenox

Devin Hester and Nathan Vasher, who share the longest return record at 108 yards, came by New Lenox on March 13th. They're pretty cool guys and I'm glad the Bears didn't decide to trade them, unlike Thomas Jones.
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Touchdown Jesus! Hi everyone, I just noticed the Blog This! feature of Picassa, the free photo sharing site run by google. I take one the pictures in my online albums and start a post. This is from our 2004 trip to South Bend when my cousin Casey's Washington Huskies took on the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can the Treo replace my laptop?

It's really time to put the Treo to the test. With Roxanne and I adopting our friend Angel into the condo, we're going to need one more computer. I was looking at a iMac on the Apple website, but their a little pricey starting at 1100 bones. Distraught, I then came to a wonderful realization: I already have a mini-laptop in my Treo 700p. To what extent can a Treo replace the laptop? Let's count the ways: Email: Check. Thanks to the miracle of Google, treo g-mail works just about as well the full grown version. The notable exception is trying to attach something. I switch to my on board e-mail client which reads my comcast account for that particular task. It works preety well for that task, having sent and received excel spreadsheets with it. Office Suite: Check. I can edit my resume, edit my spreadsheets and create presentations, although I hate powerpoint. Blogging: The Treo is OK in this department. I can update the blog here via SMS, e-mail, or going to However, uploading pictures and imbedding links remains a challenge. Music: I'm listening to Michael Jackson as I write this (hey MJ was cool before he turned white). As a bonus, I can take the Treo with me when I run, an impossibility with the laptop. Image editing: The built in picture viewer is decent, but besides writing text, there's not much I can do. I should point out the Treo as a camera on board, which is more then what my laptop has. Video: While I can't watch youtube withe the Treo, the 700p does have some video on demand, and I treated myself to a Gwen Stefani video (mmmmm if only I were Gavin). Web: Check. I'm a news junkie mostly, and I have to say the mobile version of Wired News, the Chicago Sun-Times, and realclearpolitics are decent. is excellent for keeping tabs on the game. Maps: Check. Again, thanks to corporation of the Millenium Google, my Treo is like a cheap GPS system. It hasn't steered me wrong. Paying bills: I have actually paid my Discover Card with the Treo.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lack of Wii annoying

Seriously, it's March 13th and Wii's are still a scarce item. I checked the New Lenox GameStop again and they still don't have any. It's been two months since Christmas so what is Nintendo up to? Personally, I think they are creating an artificial shortage of Wii to keep the price and demand up, maybe all the way through to the next Christmas season. Were iPods this hard to get at first? I was hell bent on getting one but now I'm just pissed. Let's just see if I still want to play one if it's still not available three months from now. I might have moved on to playing actual golf instead of the virtual kind that comes with the system.

iPhone indeed looks impressive

Finally got around to the apple web page to see what all the fuss was about with this whole iPhone thing. Steve Jobs, incidentally, has become a personal hero of mine for dissing the teacher's unions, which I have been doing to no effect since I was in high school. So when brother Steve busted out the iPhone I listened to his comments with an open mind. I think when he said that today's smartphones aren't that smart I would agree, with the notable exception of my Treo 700p, which I still think is the world's greatest electronic device. The iPhone looks like it may give the Treo a run for it's money. While the iPhone lacks a dedicaed keyboard (a huge oversight in my humble opinion) it's touchscreen QWERTY keyboard looks promising. Wi-fi is a huge plus and the 2.o megapixel camera doesn't look shabby. Four or eight GB of storage is massive for a phone, and since it has the iPod interface, it probably will be an impressive MP3 player. I doubt that they'll have a word processor or speadsheet program, but this phone isn't targeted at business users. What I'm rally curious to see is how it handles stereo bluetooth headsets. There is no mention of A2DP, the bluetooth audio profile. I wonder if iPhoniphiles will just stick to their ubiqutious white earbuds, or what. Speaking of which, now that MP3 phones have gone mainstream, where exactly is one supposed to keep the headset? It's a real pain to wind and unwind them. I hope some celebrity makes it cool to just leave them over your shoulder when your not listening to the music, and then just throw them on when you get a call. I nominate Jay-Z or Diddy for this task, as hip-hop artists are accepted trend-setters.

American Idol recap

Yeah I'll admit it. I watch American Idol. I successfully resisted it through the first five years, thinking that it took no talent to rip people like Simon does, and if I wanted to watch bad kareoke, I'd go down to J.W. Hollstein's on Wednesday night. However, seeing as the show has launced several Grammy and now an Oscar winning performance, I figured I'd give it a shot. A few months have gone by, and now I'm hooked. I watched the tryouts for this season and Simon truly is hysterical. Randy are Paula are talentless hacks as judges and could be replaced by pretty much anyone. Simon really does make the show. His opinion is the only one that I respect, and his merciless grilling of the pretender makes his rare compliments really stand out. I wish the rest of the world had his honesty. Tough love sometimes is the best medicine. Tonight the Top 12 started and really, this show is just treading water for the next two and half months whittling this down to Melinda and Lakisha. They might not have the look of a typical American Idol but these women bring it, every night. The other contestants are pretenders to the throne. As much as I like Chris and his white afro, he's losing his charisma and starting to take the competion a little to seriously for my liking. I soft spot in my heart for Gina as she's a Chicagoland product (hailing from Naperville), but she simply doesn't have the voice or prescence to be the next AI. Jordan put on a nice performance tonight but seriously, has anyone ever heard whatever song she sang tonight? One more point I'd like to make: This whole mentor thing has to go. It is patently unfair to the guys to have to sing a song originally sung by a woman. The guys are at enough of a disadvantage in this competition, they ladies don't need any more help. Plus I'm not really that big of a Diana Ross fan. What's next, Michael Jackson mentoring the contestants on how to moonwalk? Anyhoo, who gotta hand it to Fox for knowing how to string out a show endlessly by removing only one contestant per week. My prediction for the cut this week is Phil. Honestly I don't even know how he made it this far. Not to say that he didn't sing well, but this is one goofy looking guy in a competion that already has Chris to fill the goofy looking guy role. If it were based solely on vocals I'd say the cut would go to sanjah, but his hair will let him survive into next week. I'll check back in tomorrow and let's see if I'm right.

Global warming is here!

Very excited about the heat wave were currently experiencing. I'm actually sweating here in the condo for the first time in five months. It looks like Al Gore may be on to something after all. Or maybe not, according to the long awaited (at least by me anyways) response of non-enviromental wacko scientists. Turns out that this enlightened individuals are a little ticked of with Algore's tactics. Maybe, he's bending the truth...just a little bit eh? Maybe being a tad alarmist, maybe a little overdramatic. Look, let's just call it what it is: AL GORE IS A SOCIALIST WHO IS USING THE ENVIRONMENT TO TAKE DOWN CAPITILISM. Meanwhile, Algore lives in big mansion going through more kilowatts in a month then I will in two years here in my condo, yet I have to cut back on my emissions, reduce my carbon footprint, or whatever non-sense is coming out of his mouth. Whatever. Take this one to the bank folks: Global warming is a myth. It will be disproved within my lifetime, and I will be here rubbing it in the face of every tree-hugger enviomentalist socialist wacko. And in the extremely unlikely event that I'm wrong? Well with New York, Florida, and LA under water, I expect Chicago real estate values to rise exponentially. Either way, I win.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Oil change

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Saturn for building such a high quality car. My Saturn is now 10 years old and despite a tremendous amount of abuse, still runs like a charm. It just passed emissions testing for the fifth time last week, and passed 150,000 miles a couple months ago. All in all, I think I definitely have gotten my money's worth out of this car. It's good to see America can still turn out a quality vehicle.