Monday, May 28, 2007


Angel has been asking for this forever so here it is: Me on my couchmobile. I miss it so......

F-18s flyover U.S. Cellular Field

This video was originally two minutes long but thanks to iMovie I cut out everything but the flyover. I'm going through all my old videos and editing out all the crap. It's a great thing.

Thinking about you everyday, not just Memorial Day Aaron

Today is Memorial Day and this year it hits home more then usual. My brother Aaron is stationed at Camp Anaconda in Iraq, support Operation Iraqi Freedom. I miss him terribly, especially on days like yesterday when the whole Paus family was together. He's over there fighting so we can enjoy our barbecues, bags tournaments, and pickup basketball games. So, just remember while your enjoying yourselves today, remember the sacrifices of those who in the past and in the present are making the sacrifices for your freedom.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Oak Park Avenue Benches 2007

Oak Park Avenue Benches 2007
Here are my pictures that I took of the Oak Park Avenue benches this year.

Taking the Mac plunge

I've done it. I've turned away from the Wintel world and entered the Mac frontier. Specifically, I bought a MacMini from the Apple store in Oak Brook. It came in this little box and I just hooked it up to monitor, keyboard and mouse. It found my Wi-Fi network without a hitch and away I went. One of the coolest things about this Mac is the fact that pretty much everything is built in: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Firewire, DVD reader/CD writer on the hardware side, iMovie, Garage band, iPhoto on the software side. All with a footprint comparable to the Wii! I put up my first movie in the previous post, which is just two videos from the Treo spliced together of our pet Fluffy. Nothing major, but no software on the PC side would edit .3G2 files to my satisfaction. Now my amateur Documentarist career can begin in earnest.


Here is fluffy

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Angel's Car Accident Injuries

Angel was wounded in a car accident yesteray.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

New Moto Rokr E6

There's only two of these in the country. My workmom's husband won one in a raffle, then got the guy at the local chinese place to switch it to english.

Roxanne vs. Ganon

Roxanne went onto defeat Ganon and save Zelda. Good job honey!

Back to Photo Blogging!

I broke down and reactivated my Picture mail account with Sprint for an extra 5 spot a month. I decided to start with this self-portrait. I'm a little scared as it looks I have a double chin forming! Yikes!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Bulls down 60-49, Bulls look like they have jitters. Ben Gordon needs to step it up for Chicago to have a chance.
OK I got my 300 text messages from Sprint so I expect to do a lot more mobile blogging. I think I'll pay the 5 bucks to get my pictures back too.