Tuesday, January 29, 2008

me and Roxy


At the Bulls game!

Monday, January 28, 2008

lunch update

Reading my realclearpolitics at Jimmy John's, I've now accepted John
McCain as the GOP nominee. If I were still a Republican this would
have been more difficult to swallow, but since I'm a libertarian it's
OK. If the GOP wants to nominate the second coming of Bob Dole that's
cool. It will accelerate the collapse of the party and the
Libertarians will rise out of the ashes. I feel bad that we'll have
Democrat presidents for the forseeable future, but there no other
options. The GOP will keep nominating old people and people will keep
ignoring them. I can't help them. Heck, even Rush Limbaugh can't help
them, and he has infinite more influence then I do. So sit back, crack
open an adult beverage, and pray that the Clinton's campaign implodes
under Bill's baggage. That's all you can do.

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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Obama still in it, but still massive underdog

Well Obama put a major whoopin' on Hillary down in South Carolina, winning 55 percent of the vote. Normally this would put him in the driver's seat for the nomination, but these are far from normal times. Now that Bill Clinton is unabashedly running for a third term, Obama has his hands full. How does one campaign against the greatest politician of all time (note I said politician and not President lest I become swamped with hate mail)? Answer: You can't. This guy is so slick, he can turn any question or statement his way, he has the media wrapped around his finger, and people just love the guy. People remember the good time 90's and they think voting for Hillary will put Bubba back in the Oval Office and every thing will be groovy again. No Democrat, and certainly no Republican can compete with that. I am now resigned to the fact that these cronies are going to be back in the White House in less then a year's time. It was a good fight Barry, thanks for the effort. Better luck in 2016.

Back from Dallas

Well I'm back from Dallas. Sorry about the near abscence of blogging, but I was working 14 hours a day and was a little on the tired side. Today was my first day off in 24 days. It was nice just to chill in the condo. I did go out and see Juno today at the theater today. It was quite excellent and I highly recommend it. It was nominated for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay and I certainly hope it wins in both of those categories. I love "dramadies" like this film, it reminded me a great deal of American Beauty and Little Miss Sunshine, two other favorite films of mine. One of the great things about coming home besides being able to eat a home cooked meal and sleep in my own bed was that I could sync up my iPhone to get the new firmware upgrade 1.1.3. Now the iPhone can sort of locate where I am by triangularing off the cell phone towers. The accuracy is a little suspect (it's a few blocks off) bit I believe it would be better on the city. A more use cul feature is the ability to add new icons to the home screen. Now when I find a web game I can put it right on my home screen. Still, I long for the day where native third party apps can be put on the phone (ebooks anyone?) One last feature that I haven't tried out yet is the rental movie feature. This would've been great for the flights. As it was a loaded up with a bunch of Rob and Big episodes that kept me laughing. Kudos to Steve Jobs for getting some more movies into iTunes, as the selection was pretty Spartan. Well, that's it for now. There's no place like home. There's no place like home...

boots says hi

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

sleepy boots

Douglas SBD at Midway Airport

Dawn at Midway Airport

I got puffed at Airport

Well, I got puffed today. For reasons unexplained to me, I was "specially" selected for a security screening today for my flight out of Midway Airport. Instead of stripping off half my clothes in front of other passengers, I got my own TSA team to analyze me. The best part was the Puffer", a standup enclosure that blows compressed air all around you, ostensibly to see if I has any explosives or weed on me. Having none, I passed and was allowed to get my stuff. All in all, not to bad, I mean there was no cavity search and I didn't have to worry about someone stealing my laptop or iPhone like I normally do at the regular security checkpoints. Maybe I can get this "special" treatment all the time. Just keep holding off on the cavity search.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Roxanne and Boots

It's still up to Rudy to defeat Hillary

OK, GOP. Had your fun? Mike Huckabee winning in Iowa? Way to go reinforcing your image as a party of bible-thumping yahoos. John McCain winning in New Hampshire? An ex-POW and hero to be sure, but the man shreds the First Amendment with his campaign finance laws and wants to grant amnesty to every illegal immigrant in the country. Oh, by the way, he's 71 years old and potentially crazy. Now that Obamamania has passed its peak and Hillary is back on her way to the nomination after her "upset victory" in New Hampshire, it's time to get serious about nominating someone who can stop Hillary. The only one who can do that is Rudy Giuliani.

For a moment it looked like Rudy had gone along the wayside. Indeed, he has lost his lead in national polls and watched as jokers like Huckabee, McCain, Thomson, and Romney battled it out amongst the corn of Iowa and the mountains of the Granite State. The GOP didn't care who it was voting for with the prospect of Obama at the top of the Democratic ticket, because once Obama's blatant liberalism was exposed, he'd be toast in any national contest. However, with Obama losing in New Hampshire last night, the Democrats have proven that they still have some sanity. Now, after getting drunk on the Huckabee-McCain kool-aid, the Republicans must go home, sober up, and again consider who is the most electable candidate to oppose Hillary. When the GOP hangover subsides, they'll realize the only chance they have to win is to vote for Giuliani.

I'll remind everyone again why Rudy Giuliani is such a potent candidate. His 9/11 performance and 100% name recognition goes without saying. He turned around the crime capital of the United States into one of it's safest cities. He won in a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans five-to-one. He's a great leader and surrounds himself with competent individuals. He's been tested by the most probing media in the country. In a country where the electoral-college, not the popular vote, wins the presidency, he puts states like Illinois, California, New York, and New Jersey into play for the first time in a generation.

I hope the GOP comes to their senses. The Democrats already have.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

First run of the year

Happy new year everyone. I decided to the get the new year off right with a run to Structure 32 (pictured above). The lake is partially frozen over, and there were many geese in attendance. The asphalt running path was completely covered in snow and I had to take some educated guesses as to where it was. Since the lake was also flooded, I avoided the path where it runs alongside the fishing piers on the west side of the lake. It was a grueling 3.23 mile run, with a savage wind out of the west. One positive thing I learned is how well my new running gear is holding up. My Columbia Titanium jacket is truly waterproof (I also ran last night in a snowstorm and didn't get wet.) Roxanne gave me a shoulder case for my iPhone that works out quite well, and I put my step father-in-law's White Sox fleece on for warmth. My Nike facemask kept my head toasty and my well tested Mizuno spandex running pants kept my legs from freezing. All in all a good way to start the new year.