Friday, February 29, 2008


iPhone, I love thee so

I know I've said this before, but I really do love the iPhone. I recently realized I type a lot faster with iPhone vertical, plus you can actually see what gets typed while making blogger entries, so I'll probably post a bit more often now. I've been blogging for over an hour now and my hands feel fine. Also, the tunes have not crashed this whole time, so multi tasking is now a reality after many frustrating attempts.

Sports Franchise Relocation

You may not have heard, but the Seattle Supersonics are relocating to Oklahoma City. Yes, the OKC, it is not a typo. Apparently the Oklahomans are quite the b-ball fans, having sold out arenas when they hosted the Katrina-displaced Hornets. Alas, the Hornets went back to New Orleans, but the hunger for the NBA remained in Oklahoma. So when the Sonics went to the city council of Seattle to ask for a half billion dollars for a new stadium, they could back up the threat by pointing east, knowing professional sports deprived Oklahoma would love having the Sonics. To Seattle's credit, they did not prostitute themselves for the right to watch a losing team waste the taxpayer's hard earned money. They are content to the have the Sonics pack their bags. Kudos to any city that stands up to billionnaires looking for a hand out. The city that is most principled in this regard is Los Angeles, which has gone over a decade without an NFL franchise after losing the Raiders and Rams within years of each other. They have steadfastly refused to finace a stadium just so the NFL can have a team in the number 2 market. Who started this trend of holding sports teams hostage for stadium deals? Embarassingly enough, it was my hometown White Sox and villianous owner Jerry Reinsdorf threatening to move to Tampa Bay in the late eighties that started this madness. Sadly for taxpayers around the United States, the state of Illinois caved and built a sham of a stadium that has been renovated countless times. Billions of dollars later, nearly every major league baseball team has a new stadium now. While most people hate the Yankees, at least they financed their new stadium themselves. Perhaps in the future cities facing a sports franchise hostage situation can point to the Bronx Bombers new facilty and tell them to build their own damn stadium.

Can Obama deliver the coup de grace?

What a month this last February was for Barack Obama. After battling Ms. Clinton to a draw on Super Tuesday, he reeled off 11 straight victories going into mini Super Tuesday next week in Texas and Ohio. I've been afraid to comment on the race because I didn't want to jinx Obama. After the GOP debacle with McCain I almost gave up following the race, but now I'm anxious to see if Obama can put the last couple nails in the coffin. I have to admit that nothing would please me more then to see Obama win both the Lone Star and Buckeye states, but if Obama can capture Texas, it should be enough to seal Clinton's fate. Barack must merely keep his nose clean for a few more days and the Wicked Witch from Arkansas will be flattenned. Great job, Obama. You have succeeded where McCain surely would have failed.

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Super k has gone bilingual

iPhone SDK countdown

Well it's getting close to the end of February, so I'll be expecting the iPhone SDK any day now. Right? Of course not. Apple just release things out of nowhere, like the 16 GB iPhone which was announced a few weeks back with no fanfare. It will be the same thing with the iPhone SDK: the February release date will come and go, then some time in April, wham, I'll be reading on fake Steve Job's blog that the SDK, new 1.1.4 firmware, and 15 new applications will be released. I just wish we could fast forward to it, because the suspense is killing me.

Sleepy boots

Saturday, February 23, 2008

MacMini and MiniMax

Apple and Iomega MiniMax: It just works

My MacMini is already down to 8.5 gigabytes after only 7 months of having it, so it was time to get a firewire external drive. I decided to go with Iomega MiniMax hard drive, which has the exact footprint of the MacMini, so I could stack them on top of each other and save some valuable counter top space. It was as simple as connecting the firewire cable and turning the drive on. It was instantly recognized and I immediately began moving all of my music, pictures, and movies over to the new drive. It was so easy I almost started tearing up. As a bonus, there were to extra Firewire ports on the Minimax, so I was still able to attach my camcorder without needing a separate Firewire hub. If your MacMini is running low on HD space, the Iomega MiniMax is the way to alleviate your storage issues.

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new blog on what white people like hysterical

I have to thank for pointing out this absolute gem of a blog: WhatWhitePeopleLike It really should be calledt "What Rich Liberal White People Like", but aside from incomplete title, it's one of the funniest blogs I've read. My favorites were Plays, Organic Foods, Arts Degrees, Wrigley Field, Indie Music, and Apple. I was relieved to find out that I was disqualified from being white by virtue of my computer engineering degree (those who study science, engineering, and finance lose their white status). Other knee-slappers were Wes Anderson films, 80' night, and Awareness. This blog is funny whether your white, black, or purple.

New Cat Cuddles!

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