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Boots under the blankets

eReader for iPhone and iPod Touch in the works » Unwired View

Yes! It looks like the folks at are hard at work on building an e-reader app for the iPhone. However, the app still needs to be approved by Apple. Seeing as Apple has totally dropped the ball on e-books, I would hope they will allow eReader their proper place in the App Store.

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Dark Knight poster

Second Amendment Survives!

There is still sanity on the Supreme Court. By a narrow 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court upheld a gun owner's individual right to own a firearm. This ruling overturned Washington D.C.'s strictest in the nation gun control law, where guns could only be owned if stored disassembled without ammunition, essentially making them useless.

This decision is of tremendous significance for several reasons. First and foremost, the Constitution, which usually is treated like toilet paper by SCOTUS most of the time, was actually read with the original intent of the founding fathers. Clearly, the founding fathers appreciated the need for individuals to arm themselves against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Indeed, the seizing of arms and Lexington and Concord by the British triggered the Revolutionary War. The only way to guarantee liberty was to have an armed citizenry ready to fight if the government became too intrusive. So important was this concept that Thomas Jefferson wrote it early into the Bill of Rights.

Another incredibly important facet of this decision is now every single gun control law will face serious scrutiny. No longer can cities blatantly stomp on the individual's right to own a handgun. Expect hundreds of draconian gun control laws to be contested in court over the next few years. Also, overzealous liberal city councilman and state legislators must know that any future gun control legislation will be contested by using this decision as precedent.

Last, but certainly not least, this decision shows that Presidential elections truly matter. Had John Kerry been elected in 2004, there would have been two flaming liberal justices instead of the incredible Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito. Say what you want about George W. Bush, but know this: without him winning in 2004 the Constitution as we know would have been shredded today.


Super sticky today. Did about 5 miles. Need to bring fuel belt next time to avoid dehyration issues.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Great article on home ownership

I don't normally link to articles in the New York Times, (they usually make you log in to read), but this article says it all about home ownership. I couldn't put any better myself, and as someone who got royally screwed over buying a condo in the middle of the housing bubble, I appreciate that someone is finally pointing this stuff out.

Ohio Polls suspect

Election Projection has an interesting article on recent polls in Ohio heavily favoring Obama. EP points to heavy Democratic turnout in the primaries to explain the total, I say that people are broke in Ohio and they think Obama is the answer. Either way, without Ohio McLame is doomed, so he better schedule plenty of Buckeye state visits for the Straight Talk Express.

SDK Books app being developed!

OK, finally, thanks to there is real live evidence of a ebook reader in the works for the iPhone. Go here to check it out. So far it just looks like it is going to work with text/html files, but you have to start somewhere. Why couldn't Apple just make things easy for us and make iBooks is beyond me. Then the iTunes store could be like a Barnes and Noble, books, music, video - everything but the cafe.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Election Projection 2008

I just added a great little graphic to the page here. You'll see it in the top right corner. It's from a site called Election Projection and it tracks the presidential polls by each state. This is tremendously useful to election handicappers. Most new outlets give useless national polls that don't mean squat do to the fact that the Electoral College decides the President, not the popular vote (as Al Gore could painfully tell you). Right now it looks like Obama is walloping McCain, but I find it difficult to believe that Virginia and Florida would both go for Obama. McCain is going to have to pour his efforts into holding Ohio and Missouri, because he loses either of those two he's toast. With the country the way it is and Obama's massive money advantage, not to mention McCain is incredibly old, I don't see anyway Barack Obama is not taking the oath of office on January 20th, 2009.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

RealClearPolitics - Articles - Canada's Thought Police

Another reason I hate Canada: Free speech is an alien concept to them.

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G-dub gets it right on oil

Today, President Bush gave the most intelligent speech of his entire presidency: He outlined the four steps that we can do to reduce oil prices: drill of the coasts, use oil shale, drill in ANWR, and create more refineries. It's about time he stepped up and called out the Democrats on their obstructions to pursuing our own oil resources.

FireFox 3 downloaded

Well, I just downloaded Firefox 3 for the MacMini and I am quite impressed so far. It's way faster the Firefox 2 or Safari, and so far it seems more stable. Too bad there's no Firefox 3 for the iPhone!

Sleepy kitties

Nike + iPhone, iPod Touch - Nike+ to use the devices' wireless capabilities (3G too) for uploading workout data 'on the fly' - Softpedia

The day Nike+ comes to the 3G iPhone is probably the day I buy it.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Links don't work in iPhone sometimes

This grinds my gears: I'm browsing the web, see a link I want to check out, tap on it, then nothing. I tap it again: still nothing. Sometimes, if I hold down on the link, then it works, but it's pretty inconsistent. I've noticed certain websites have a tendency to do this, like Has anyone else seen this on their iPhone?

It's Not Race, It's Arugula

Interesing article that explains why Obama was blown out in Applachia.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Silly String fight


Ron Paul to end campaign

Ron Paul's website says he is ending his campaign according to this story today. I am truly saddened by this development, I was hoping he would launch an independent bid for President. It's too bad he didn't seek the Libertarian candidate nomination, as he had already done in 1988. He would have probably got 2 or 3 percent of the vote and really put Libertarianism on the map. Still, Mr. Paul should be credited for making the word "libertarian" more of a household word. I think 50 or so years from now, Libertarians will be thanking Ron Paul for starting them down the path to electoral victory.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our nation has an energy intelligence problem

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you think the oil companies are gouging us? Do you think we shouldn't drill on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Do you think we should not build any nuclear power plants? Do you think wind and solar power are the answer to the nation's energy crisis? If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes", then you are partially responsible for the exorbitant price of oil in the world today. Because of you, there are elected officials that refuse to acknowledge the laws of supply and demand, trying to pass "excess profit" taxes on the oil industry. Yeah, that's the way to solve the crisis, tax the oil companies! Because of you, elected officials won't let us drill in ANWR, which is a thousand miles from anything, because of some stupid caribou! Because of you, elected officials won't allow any nuclear power plants, which use NO fossil fuels, thus saving millions of barrels of oil every year. Because of you and your belief in "green" power, elected official waste time subsidizing wind and solar, which don't even begin to approach the amount of power that this country needs to operate. Because of you and your unparalleled ignorance, we are staring $4.25 gasoline straight in the face. As long as you people keep your heads in the sand and don't hold legislators accountable, this crisis will continue unabated. America, wake the hell up. We have billions of barrels of oil in Alaska, in the Gulf, off California begging to be drilled. It's there for the taking! But you're more worried about some caribou then economic well being of the country. You are getting exactly the gas prices you deserve.

McCain Admits He Doesn't Know How To Use A Computer (VIDEO) - Politics on The Huffington Post

If this is true, then that is truly sad.

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UPDATE: We now know that McCain uses computers, but can't type due to his war injuries. If your hands were broke by an angry VC you probably wouldn't type either.

Boots in the cabinet

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boots in a cube

iPhone 3G from AT

Unlimited Data for $30 for new iPhone? Outrageous! We're being ripped
off now at $20. Sure, 3G is faster, but it's not $10 faster. I may
stick with my old school iPhone while I go and make more money.

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Monday, June 09, 2008

Boots and Cuddles on the windowsill

iPhone complaints

I've been cruising along the interwebs reading 3G iPhone feedback and have noticed some complaints. Let's look at a few and see which ones are legit beefs, and who's just whining.

1. No 5 Megapixel camera. Boo-hoo. A 5 Megapixel camera would be nice, but come on, it's over kill for that tiny lens. Who do you think you are, Ansel Adams? If you're really into photography that much, get an SLR already.

2. No flash. OK, this is a legit beef. I mean, come on, the whole reason you need a camera on your phone is when you're at a dark bar/club, you didn't bring a camera because you're not a girl and don't have a purse (or you are a chick and just plain forgot), and you want to take pictures with your drunken friends and that hot chick who had a few too many and flashes everyone. Of course, you whip out your cellphone and snap off a shot, but the pictures are so dim that they're not even worth e-mailing them, never mind putting on your Flickr or Picassa page. Come on, an ultra bright LED can't be that hard to integrate, can it?

3. No cut and paste. Bingo. Now we're cooking. No cut and paste makes it nearly impossible to blog from your phone, plus it has all sorts of other uses. I mean, seriously, how many times do you cut and paste and not even think about it?

4. No front facing camera/no AV chat. This is the dumbest complaint I've ever heard. Seriously, who the hell are you going to video chat with? Video chatting is the most useless idea in the history of ideas. The only time where it even remotely makes sense is on the bridge of the USS Enterprise. Video phones will become mainstream right around the time soccer goes mainstream in the U.S., which is to say: Never!

5. No A2DP. Yawn. Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking: I had A2DP headphones all during my Treo phase and sung their praises. People, Iisten up: I HAD NO CHOICE! Treo headphone jacks would only last a month and then I had to use A2DP. Otherwise, I had no way of listening to my tunes. Honestly, I don't miss them. Not one little bit. It's one more gadget to keep charged and they look dorky even by my standards. Plus, bluetooth sucks.

6. Why hasn't the iPod touch come down in price? It probably will, but who cares! Are you really going to get an iPod touch when an iPhone does everything except cook you breakfast? People, this is the era of convergence. Wallet, Phone, Keys! WPK! That's all you need, soon you might not even need a wallet, like in Japan where you use your cellphone to buy everything. Having a separate MP3 player and phone is just dumb.

Well that does it for now, but I'm sure to see more complaints as the hours and days roll by. I reserve the right to revise and extend my remarks later.

New iPhone Ad

Finally got around to checking out the new iPhone ad, surprisingly, they don't mention GPS.

3G iPhone Stevenote Recap

OK, now that we've all had a moment to breathe, let's go over the biggest developments today at the WWDC Stevenote:

1. iPhone 2.0 Release date. Sadly, it's not today. Worse, it won't be until July 11th. This will truly test my patience, but I guess I've been waiting for The Dark Knight for even longer, so I think I'll live, because of reason number 2:

2. GPS! GPS! GPS! Oh thank you, your Steveness, (and the Department of Defense, for that matter) for this great gift. As I alluded to earlier today, this is huge. This is going to change the whole navigation product industry. I wouldn't be surprised if Garmin's stock was off 20% right now. This is my dream come true, honestly. For years I've had to wear a Garmin Forerunner 101 to tell me how far I had gone on my runs. Those days should be over once someone writes an running tracking app. If they don't, I'll write it myself.

3. 3G. Well, duh. Quite frankly, when they say twice as fast, I'm thinking, half as slow. Sorry, but I'll still try to find a wi-fi signal if at all possible. I'll be real honest: 3G alone would not have been enough for me to get a new iPhone. GPS alone would have.

4. Mobile Me. Seriously, I think this at best is a lame reboot of the .Mac service that no one wanted, nor will they ever want. In fact, now that I've had time to think about it, the only thing that could make the Mobile Me service compelling is if it took ALL of my iPhone data, Photos, e-mails, apps, music, movies, games, etc and let me sync over wi-fi or 3G to the "cloud". This would eliminate the need for a seperate computer all together, and you could sell the iPhone as a tiny notebook. Since Apple still wants to sell Macs, I don't see this happening.

5. 3rd Party Apps. They look great. Can't wait for Super Monkey Ball. Too bad we'll have to wait over a month to try any of them out (still smarting on the release date, can you tell?).

6. Snow Leopard. I think it was mentioned, but since my Mac Mini can barely run regular old Leopard as it is, I don't really care too much.

7. Price. Last but certainly not least. The 8GB iPhone I bought a mere 10 months ago at $599 is now down to $199. Cars don't depreciate that fast, but what was I going to do, stick with my Treo for another year? The 16GB is down to $299, which justifies it as an early to-me,from-me birthday present. :)

So, let the waiting begin, again.

Mark your calendars - July 11th

Because that's when it all happens, new 3G iPhone, new 2.0 software, GPS!!! That is just too awesome, I really wasn't expecting that, it seemed to good to be true... In my new career as an insurance agent, where I'll be going somewhere new everyday, that's going to be invaluable. Plus, if Nike writes a running app to log my workouts, this could be the ultimate convergeance device. Garmin must be quaking in their boots. Who is going to by a navigation unit when there's one built into the iPhone. This is a game changer.

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16 GB 3 iPhone to be all white

And only 300 bucks! No word on a 32 GB one though (sigh)

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iPhone 8GB now only $199

Who said there was inflation problems?

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3G iPhone will have GPS!!!!

Now I have to get one, lack of funds be damned..... If they integrate a running program onto this....

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Flush headphone in 3G iPhone

Normal headphone users, rejoice! Actually, to be honest with you, I don't know if this is such a wise idea, only because if the headphone gets stuck on something, there will be a lot of torque on that headphone jack.... All of my treos had that problem, I hope it doesn't affect the iPhone

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Same Camera on 3G iPhone

kind of weak, but I guess 2 megapixels is OK

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Black back on new iPhone

I'll miss the aluminum....

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Finally talking about 3G!

90 minutes into this sucker, we're finally getting the beef on the new iPhone.

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Early July for iPhone 2.0

I AM PISSED! I feel like I just got shot... I'm reallllly depressed... I don't know if I can make it another month without third party apps... All I wanted to do today was try out the new software... oh the agony....

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Finally! Stuff can be saved to the phone!

Oh boy: Excel, Word, and pictures can saved the phone from E-mails.
FINALLY. I mean seriously that was stuff the Treo could do in it's

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push notification from Apple

This will used for IM apps and who knows...the MLB app so I know when
there's been a score change? Good idea, the reason being to being to
obviate the need for background running apps.

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Apple Stock down 3 points since beinning of keynote

Maybe because no dates have been announced!!!!

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MLB app looks tight

Just saw the screen shots for MLB's iPhone app: impressive, very
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Looks like App Store is weeks away

Just read Wired's live blog, which is good, except it has to be read on the annoy in latest post last format, which means you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see if anything has changed. It seems there is no App Store ETA, best guess is a few weeks....
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Typepad will have a blogging app, where's Google's

Man, I thought Google and Apple were tight. So why is TypePad showing off an iPhone blogging app and not Google's Blogger? Hmmmm? I'm sick of making all my posts by e-mail, and then they don't even format right. Blogger best get an iPhone blogging app, stat, or I may just switch up.

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Took a shower to fight off boredom

Seriously, so far this keynote is a retread of the March SDK event.
When is the 2.0 software going to be available already!?

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No update to Apple website.. yet

Apple's website, which took forever to load, has not been updated

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no new iTunes...yet

Just for giggles I went and launched iTunes to see if therevwas a new
version. Nope.

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iPhone Enterprise

Right now, Steve is having WWDC attendees watching a video of how
great iPhone is for the Enterprise. Snooze.....
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Confirmed: Snow Leopard OS X 10.6

Steve will be giving details on Snow Leopard later, right now, iPhone

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Steve has entered the building...

Monitoring the live blogs of WWDC. Steve is now on stage and talking...

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Cuddles in the cube

The Modern Library | 100 Best | Novels

I was so happy to see Atlas Shrugged top the reader's list. It
certainly tops mine, and I'm not even done reading it. More about this
great novel later.

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Victory in Iraq upon us?

Good news in Iraq.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Steve Jobs keynote live from WWDC 2008 - Engadget

Here is the link to Engadget's WWDC live blog. I'd love to live blog
it myself but flying to San Fran is expensive.

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Boots looks regal

One more day!

The Apple WWDC "Stevenote" goes off at noon tomorrow. I'll be monitoring the event via Engadget's and Wired's live blog, then Mr. Jobs willing, proceed to to download the iPhone 2.0 software. I'll be blogging every step of the process, and hopefully try out out a few of the games on the App Store! Tomorrow can't come soon enough!

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cuddles in the penthouse of the kitty condo

ESPN - Bears' Benson arrested, charged in Austin with drunken driving - NFL

If Benson plays one down for the Bears this year I'm switching my
fanhood to the Patriots permanently.

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No Internet makes me a dull boy

I currently hate Comcast at the moment. I have no wi-fi and I am stuck
using the craptacular EDGE network. It's so slow I'm just using it to
let everyone know I'll be off the grid for a bit. I can't believe how
slow EDGE is I don't know how AT&T sleeps at night.

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Macworld | Game Room | The iPhone’s a game changer for phone games

Much more intelligent article then the crazy Forbes article on iPhone

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

sleepy boots

Electoral College calculator at

I found the web site that created that nice Electoral College calculator I saw at the Tribune McCormick Freedom Museum yesterday at 270towin. It's the perfect website for testing out all your Election 2008 scenarios.

iPhone to kill Nintendo DS? Please!

Crazy article in Forbes today about the possibility of iPhones and iPod touches overthrowing the Nintendo DS in the portable gaming market. Um: no. As much as I love the iPhone, (and I love it more then anything else I've ever bought in my life and probably use it on average 5 hours a day), I just do not see this becoming a major mobile gaming platform. Don't get me wrong, the iPhone needed some games. There's nothing worse then being on a flight and the only thing you have to kill time is the episodes of "Rob and Big" you've seen 15 times already. Games will be a great addition to the iPhone/iTunes universe. However, I don't think anyone is going to buy an iPhone or iPod Touch with the primary goal of playing games. For me, it will be about sixth on the list, after web browsing, music player, e-mail, SMS, and phone calls. I'll play games for the same reason 95 percent of the other people who play games on their phone: to kill time. On a flight, on the train, in the waiting room, road trips, etc. To sum it up, no one is looking forward to Monday more then me as that is when Apple (finally!) rolls out the iPhone 2.0 and it's wonderful software, but don't expect hard core gamers to be the ones lining up at the Apple store to get one.

RealClearPolitics - Articles - The Gas Prices We Deserve

George Will on what could have been done to keep oil prices down: drill
more here.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Electoral College prediction

Stopped in the Tribune McCormick Freedom Museum as I was strolling down Michigan Avenue and saw this interesting little exhibit: A touch screen Electoral College vote calculator! Very cool, indeed, if there isn't one on the web I'll have to make one in Flash myself. Anyways, above is my prediction for the 2008 election, and it came it out to 280 Obama, 255 McCain. The biggest leap is that Obama will take Ohio despite his poor showing in the state during the primaries. I'll be checking back to this post on Election Night, which of course I'll be live blogging from the iPhone.

The Bean!

The Bean!