Monday, June 09, 2008

3G iPhone Stevenote Recap

OK, now that we've all had a moment to breathe, let's go over the biggest developments today at the WWDC Stevenote:

1. iPhone 2.0 Release date. Sadly, it's not today. Worse, it won't be until July 11th. This will truly test my patience, but I guess I've been waiting for The Dark Knight for even longer, so I think I'll live, because of reason number 2:

2. GPS! GPS! GPS! Oh thank you, your Steveness, (and the Department of Defense, for that matter) for this great gift. As I alluded to earlier today, this is huge. This is going to change the whole navigation product industry. I wouldn't be surprised if Garmin's stock was off 20% right now. This is my dream come true, honestly. For years I've had to wear a Garmin Forerunner 101 to tell me how far I had gone on my runs. Those days should be over once someone writes an running tracking app. If they don't, I'll write it myself.

3. 3G. Well, duh. Quite frankly, when they say twice as fast, I'm thinking, half as slow. Sorry, but I'll still try to find a wi-fi signal if at all possible. I'll be real honest: 3G alone would not have been enough for me to get a new iPhone. GPS alone would have.

4. Mobile Me. Seriously, I think this at best is a lame reboot of the .Mac service that no one wanted, nor will they ever want. In fact, now that I've had time to think about it, the only thing that could make the Mobile Me service compelling is if it took ALL of my iPhone data, Photos, e-mails, apps, music, movies, games, etc and let me sync over wi-fi or 3G to the "cloud". This would eliminate the need for a seperate computer all together, and you could sell the iPhone as a tiny notebook. Since Apple still wants to sell Macs, I don't see this happening.

5. 3rd Party Apps. They look great. Can't wait for Super Monkey Ball. Too bad we'll have to wait over a month to try any of them out (still smarting on the release date, can you tell?).

6. Snow Leopard. I think it was mentioned, but since my Mac Mini can barely run regular old Leopard as it is, I don't really care too much.

7. Price. Last but certainly not least. The 8GB iPhone I bought a mere 10 months ago at $599 is now down to $199. Cars don't depreciate that fast, but what was I going to do, stick with my Treo for another year? The 16GB is down to $299, which justifies it as an early to-me,from-me birthday present. :)

So, let the waiting begin, again.

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