Thursday, June 12, 2008

Our nation has an energy intelligence problem

Ask yourself the following questions: Do you think the oil companies are gouging us? Do you think we shouldn't drill on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? Do you think we should not build any nuclear power plants? Do you think wind and solar power are the answer to the nation's energy crisis? If the answer to any of the above questions is "yes", then you are partially responsible for the exorbitant price of oil in the world today. Because of you, there are elected officials that refuse to acknowledge the laws of supply and demand, trying to pass "excess profit" taxes on the oil industry. Yeah, that's the way to solve the crisis, tax the oil companies! Because of you, elected officials won't let us drill in ANWR, which is a thousand miles from anything, because of some stupid caribou! Because of you, elected officials won't allow any nuclear power plants, which use NO fossil fuels, thus saving millions of barrels of oil every year. Because of you and your belief in "green" power, elected official waste time subsidizing wind and solar, which don't even begin to approach the amount of power that this country needs to operate. Because of you and your unparalleled ignorance, we are staring $4.25 gasoline straight in the face. As long as you people keep your heads in the sand and don't hold legislators accountable, this crisis will continue unabated. America, wake the hell up. We have billions of barrels of oil in Alaska, in the Gulf, off California begging to be drilled. It's there for the taking! But you're more worried about some caribou then economic well being of the country. You are getting exactly the gas prices you deserve.

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