Friday, July 11, 2008

iPhone eReader review

OK. The big thing for me today besides Super Monkey Ball was eReader. Anyone who knows me has heard me say "I like reading, but I don't like books." And why? Books take up tons of space (half of our room is taken up my wife's trashy novels), are heavy (which really sucks considering how much I moved over the last half decade), they don't keep your place, and it's hard to read them without proper light. Throw in the fact Tinley Park doesn't have any decent bookstores and they moved the library to the other side of town, and you know why I haven't tackled anything more then the Harry Potter novels recently.

When I had the Treo I loved using eReader to read books, many of them classics that were available for free, but also some new stuff like "Freakonomics" and "Getting Things Done". Indeed, the hardest thing about trading up to the iPhone was losing the wonderful eReader program.

Today, with the advent of the App Store and the iPhone 2.0 software, the eReader is now back in my possession. I eagerly downloaded it once I got my fill of Super Monkey Ball, and started sifting through "The Last of the Mohicans". A small swipe from the right to left turned the page, almost like reading a real book. A flip to landscape and the screen became wider, but unfortunately the menu still stayed in portrait mode. So far that's my only gripe. The text was easily readable on the iPhone's glorious screen, indeed one has to wonder why Apple didn't include this functionality themselves and sell their own iBooks on iTunes. Whatever, I guess Steve Jobs doesn't like reading.

You have to go to your eReader or Fictionwise account to get more books. I haven't actually tried that yet since I got pretty far along in "Last of the Mohicans". For now, I am content in the fact that my iPhone now truly exceeds my old Treo in every respect (except cut and paste, but that's a battle for another day).

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Tell us more, please!

Any new features? Anything missing that you wish it had?