Saturday, August 30, 2008

Free Beers

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bold pick for McCain

Well, no one can accuse John McCain of making a boring VP pick. Sarah Palin, quite frankly, wasn't even on my radar, so I'm glad I didn't even try to guess his pick. I really thought he might go with Rudy as it would have been a "maverick" pick as well, but his pro-choice position probably wouldn't have gone over well at the convention.

So does Palin help or hurt McCain? Well, for starters, she solidifies and maybe even fires up the GOP base. This is important, because turnout more then anything else decides elections. Getting Bush's Evangelicals to the voting booths is the only way to blunt the Obama voter drive onslaught. Two, and there's no other way to put this: Palin's not a crusty old rich out of touch white guy. This is huge, because choosing Mitt Romney on the ticket would put two stereotypical Republicans on the ballot in a year when the GOP brand name is mud. Sarah Palin, a young woman, mother of five, blue collar, ex union member, is the diametric opposite of McCain and really balances the ticket. Palin should help attract white independent suburban moms, who are critical in this election for McCain's chances. Third, Palin is an honest to God outsider. You can't get any further from Washington then Alaska, Palin's home state. She shares McCain's independence and will be a real asset in attacking the broken Washington establishment.

What are Palin's weaknesses? Even though she has more executive experience then Obama, Biden, and even McCain combined, it's still less then two years of governing the 48th smallest state in terms of population. Her total lack of foriegn policy experience is already being hammered by Obama's campaign and will likely be echoed by the MSM. It doesn't help that McCain is 72 years old with 2 melanoma treatments, raising the above average possibility that Palin might have to step in. In my opinion, the Democrat's shouldn't be throwing stones considering Obama's experience amounts to 130 "present" votes in the Illinois State Senate and heading one inconsequential subcomittee once he got to Washington. Palin must counter the attacks forcefully before the Democrat/MSM attack machine paints her. Another point of contention is her ability to debate Joe Biden. Biden will probably hammer her at their one debate, so she better come out swinging. One last point: If McCain thinks putting Palin on the ticket will get him all the disaffected Hillary voters he is sadly mistaken. Hillary's feminists aren't going to vote for a woman as strongly pro-life as McCain is. In a worst case scenario it will look like pandering and turn off the very voters he was trying to recruit and send them back to Obama.

Sarah Palin was about as good a pick as McCain could come up with under the circumstances. I give him credit for avoiding the safe pick, but if Palin isn't as tough as advertised he'll be regretting it come November 4th.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barack goes with safe, boring pick

Confirming the conventional wisdom, Barack Obama has selected Joe Biden as his VP, ending months of endless speculation. This is a fairly safe, uninspired pick for Mr. Obama. Biden brings foriegn policy expertise and 35 years of experience in the Senate. That 35 years in the Senate will cut both ways, however, as there will be thousands of votes to be scrutinized by the GOP. Another curious element of Obama's decision is how Biden is an agent of "change", seeing as his been in Washington for over three decades. Selecting Biden seems to drastically undercut the central theme of his campaign.

However, Biden is an effective campaigner who can throw mud with the best of them, and will be busy countering the many attacks the GOP will throw at Obama. He's also a good debater and should be able to match up well against Mitt Romney. Biden is well vetted, having run for President in 1988 and earlier this year, so it is unlikely there are any John Edwards-like skeletons in his closet.

Barack Obama could have picked worst candidates then Joe Biden. I just don't he picked the best, and that would have been Bill Richardson.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Barack Obama VP choice coming anytime now

Well it looks like Barack Obama is mere hours a way from his VP choice. I don't know who he's going to pick, but I know who he should pick: Bill Richardson, governor of New Mexico. For starters, Richardson, an ex-Clinton cabinet member, threw his support to Obama at a crucial point in the primaries. He brings some executive experience which Obama is sorely lacking, solidifies Hispanic support which will be crucial in places like Colorado, and as a bonus he locks 5 electoral votes in a swing state. Bill Richardson best balances Barack Obama. While the conventional wisdom is leaning towards Joe Biden, he just doesn't feel right in my opinion for the Obama campaign. He's too old, another Senator, and while he brings tremendous foreign policy experience, Biden has a mouth that can't stop and has an archive of past comments that will haunt Obama's campaign. Better in my opinion to go with the safe pick in Bill Richardson. The first rule of the VP pick is to do no harm, and Richardson certainly does that.

Tie in the Electoral College

Have a look over at today's Election Projection and you'll notice that it's 269-269, a perfect tie. What would happen if that happened on Election Night? Then the race would get thrown to the House of Representatives, where each state's delegation would get one vote. Since the House delegations are dominated by the Democrats, an Electoral College tie is a victory for Barack Obama. Thus, McCain needs 270 electoral votes for victory, while Barack needs only 269. There are a few realistic scenarios where this could occur, for instance: say McCain gets Nevada and New Hampshire back, but then loses Colorado: It's still 269-269. Needless to say, McCain is working with a very slim electoral margin. The only way I see him winning is winning all of the states that Bush won in 2004 with the exception of Iowa and New Mexico, which look to be out of McCain's grasp. That would give McCain a 274-264 win.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Add Safari fixes to the next iPhone patch please

I would like to propose the following item for bug fixing for the sorely overworked iPhone development team: Make Safari stable enough so it only crashes once a day, for starters. The iPhone may be the most sophisticated mobile browsing device on the planet, but Safari's crashes are preventing the device from being a laptop replacement. I know the iPhone guys are busy fixing the 3G issues (feeling better everyday I didn't upgrade), but if they could just give Safari a liitle beefing up that would be fantastic. I know I'm asking a lot, but I'm confident this can fixed. Failing that, Apple could just let Firefox on the iPhone. A guy can dream, right?

Apple Sued Over iPhone 3G Problems - News and Analysis by PC Magazine,2817,2328519,00.asp

This 3G thing is starting to get real ugly for Apple.

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RealClearPolitics - Electoral Map

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McCain ahead in Indiana

McCain is officially ahead in Indiana, thanks to a much belated poll from Survey USA. Check out the latest map at to see the new projected total: 264-261 Obama. Virginia remains a toss up in case you're wondering why it doesn't add up to 538.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Screenshots of iPhone Nike+ running app emerge, we're out of breath already - Engadget

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iPhone 2.0.2 review

iPhone 2.0.2 has been working quite well so far for me, but iPhoneAtlas and other websites are reporting major problems, especially with the 3G phones. Fortunately I can say I haven't seen any of these issues on my phone, indeed both Super Monkey Ball and CannonChallenge worked without a hitch. Safari hasn't crashed, although I have not gone to Engadget yet. I hope this good behaivior continues!

iPhone 2.0.2 downloaded

I just downloaded iPhone 2.0.2 and after a lengthy backup, the iPhone is back up and running. I'll be doing tests over the next couple of hours to see what, if any, bugs got fixed.

Return of the Mac

Wow there has been so much that I've been meaning to blog about but was too frustrated with the iPhone to post. I've really not posted any politics in a while, and there has been some massive developments in the presidential race. I was so frustrated with Rudy's joke of a campaign and the subsequent selecting of 72 year old John McCain, I figured the race was over. But, lo and behold, the cagey veteran has crawled his way back in the race. This really was more of hubris on Barack Obama's part, stil,l I must begrudgingly give McCain credit for airing some good attack ads, coming around on offshore drilling, and slamming Obama at the Saddleback Ranch. Don't look now, but not only has McCain closed the gap in the useless national polls, but in individual state polls as well. In fact, if you throw out the outlier Indiana poll that shows Obama winning the Hoosier State that dates back to June, McCain is actually leading the electoral college!

Now I'm not saying McCain is going to win come November. Far from it. McCain still needs turnout, and while his performance at Saddleback was impressive, there's no guarantee Evangelicals will show up. Remember, Evangeicals stayed home the last time the GOP put up a crusty old moderate Senator, handing Bill Clinton his second term. McCain doesn't need a VP pick to fire up the Evangelicals, but he does need one that won't make them stay home on election day. Translation: If McCain picks Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge, he's done. McCain has the advantage of seeing who Obama picks for his VP first, and can adjust his pick accordingly.

There's no doubt McCain has a shot at this thing. While it's mostly due to Barack imploding, the old man has made the adjustments to make this race interesting. Thank you, Senator McCain, for not rolling over and playing dead. You've proven that an old dog can learn new tricks.

CannonGame Review

Ok, now that I got all my Cellspin adulation out of my system, I'd like to review another good free app out of the App Store: CannonGame.

This game is an update of the classic Gorillas BASIC program that shipped with DOS back in the day (I realize I just dated myself there) But instead of a gorilla you get a howitzer, and instead of bananas you fire artillery shells. You pick the angle of the gun and velocity of the shell and FIRE! The graphics are excellent, the sound is superb, and the iPhone even vibrates when your target. It comes with 15 levels, which I all beat, but hey, the game's free and it's a great time killer.

One last thing: On my iPhone CannonGame crashed every time I start it, requiring me to restart the iPhone if I want to play it,, but I don't blame the game. I think it's the fault of iPhone's suspect 2.0 OS. If it wasn't a free upgrade I'd be ticked. However, it must be stated that the iPhone is still way more stable then the Treo ever was so I'm going to complain too much.

Links worked!

Links worked! I'm going to test all of the HTML, because breaks and hyperlinks are probably 90 percent of what I need (embedding images and YouTube would be the other 10 percent for the most part)

Now if Apple would just get copy and paste on the iPhone then everything would be set! This cellspin app has really made my day. I'm going to go on the Apple Store to put up review.

Link test

Trying out links:


Paragraph breaks work!

Paragraph breaks do in fact work using the break tags. Makes me wonder what other HTML works...

Paragragraph Breaks test

OK, just checked Tinley Harrier an d noticed there are no paragraph breaks. I'll try putting I'm some HTML

Let's see if that works!

Cellspin is blogging goodness

I still can't believe I can blog from the iPhone now. This truly was the number one thing I wanted to do once the iPhone 2.0 upgrade came out. I still think Google should have mad their own iPhone Blogger app, but I guess they are really behind on getting their mobile operating system, Android, out of beta. My hat (if I wore a hat) is off to the folks at cellspin for making this happen. I had downloaded Shozou to try and post picture but that was an epic failure. Holy cow I think I have typed more on the iPhone in the las ten minutes then I have in the last ten days. I am adapting my thumbs as before my messages were so short I just used my pointer finger. Now my pointer is fatigued so I'm actually using the thumbs. I guess I only have one complaint, the Cellspin work in landscape mode, as it is far easier to type with the wider screen. Still, beggars can't be choosers and I for one am most grateful for Cellspin's awesome program!

Cellspin Rocks!

Thank the Maker! This Cellspin blogging app actually works (so far)! As a bonus, it allows you to upload text and photos. It even allows audio blogging, but unfortunately Blogger dropped that sometime ago. This is really, really cool and I sincerely hope this keeps working!

Brad's Baby

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Test Picture

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Testing Cellspin Well I asked for a iPhone Blogging App and this is what I got: A service called CellSpin. This will be my first attempt blogging from this program.


ESPN NFL Orton named Bears' starting quarterback

Kyle Orton is the Bears starter. I have to give the Bears credit: The
QB competition was open and fair, and I think the better man won. Is
Kyle Orton the next Brett Farve? No. However, Orton has shown
improvement, and he did go 10-5 as a rookie. Granted, these Bears are
a long way from the '05 version, most notably at the deteriorating
offensive line. Also, Matt Forte, while showing promise, is no Thomas
Jones. Expect a lot of three and outs this season Bears fans,, but at
least the Bears will be punting instead of turning the ball over via

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Blogger App

Blogger for iPhone

Dear Google,

When are you going to make Blogger for the iPhone? I'll even pay for it since I have 50 dollars in iPhone credits. You can't even create posts visiting Blogger in Safari anymore, so I'm stuck posting by e- mails. Then, this post will be mangled by all the random break tags you insert. Seriously, what is up with that? Blogger for iPhone could bring mobile blogging to it's ultimate form, but you guys are slackin! Are you really that busy trying to get Android to work?

Sincerely yours,

The Tinley Harrier

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fatburger plans Sept. opening in Orland Park :: The SouthtownStar :: Business,081308fatburger.article

Orland Park is getting a Fatburger! If you've ever ate there you know why I'm excited. Too bad downtown Tinley isn't getting one too.

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Analyst: Infineon chipset possible cause of iPhone 3G issues | One More Thing - CNET

Yet another reason I'm stating away from iPhone 3G (besides being

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

iPhone 2.0.1 woes

After updating the firmware to 2.0.1, I thought the incessant crashes would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, after weeks of actual usage, I can report that they are still there.

Safari has and assuming at this point always will crash at completely unexpected intervals. Some websites are more crash prone then others, for instance the popular gadget blog Engadget will almost always crash once I've scrolled half way down it. More ominously, I've been noticing that instead of gracefully returning to the homescreen, Safari just freezes on whatever webpage it is on, requiring holding down the home button, the off button, or if all else fails, the home and off button simultaneously.

Super Monkey Ball will only run after the iPhone has been turned off and back on, or has been reset. It's gotten so annoying I've pretty much quit playing it, but if I have to time to kill, I automatically restart the iPhone so I won't be disappointed.

On the plus side, Contacts isn't as insanely slow as it was after the initial 2.0 update. The ability for embedded YouTube videos to play is a big plus as well, as this was something I was asking for before the update. Hopefully when Apple gets around to 2.0.2, or better yet 2.1, these annoying crashes will become of thing of the past. I certainly wouldn't want the iPhone to get a reputation as the new Windows 98.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Power is out

For the first time I can remember we have lost power here in Tinley. Thankfully I have the iPhone so I still have Internet, although it's only at EDGE speeds. It of course makes one appreciate the simple joy of the light bulb and AC electricity. As this is the first time I can remember losing power over the last three years, I really can't complain. I wish everything in life was as reliable as Com Ed.

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