Saturday, August 23, 2008

Barack goes with safe, boring pick

Confirming the conventional wisdom, Barack Obama has selected Joe Biden as his VP, ending months of endless speculation. This is a fairly safe, uninspired pick for Mr. Obama. Biden brings foriegn policy expertise and 35 years of experience in the Senate. That 35 years in the Senate will cut both ways, however, as there will be thousands of votes to be scrutinized by the GOP. Another curious element of Obama's decision is how Biden is an agent of "change", seeing as his been in Washington for over three decades. Selecting Biden seems to drastically undercut the central theme of his campaign.

However, Biden is an effective campaigner who can throw mud with the best of them, and will be busy countering the many attacks the GOP will throw at Obama. He's also a good debater and should be able to match up well against Mitt Romney. Biden is well vetted, having run for President in 1988 and earlier this year, so it is unlikely there are any John Edwards-like skeletons in his closet.

Barack Obama could have picked worst candidates then Joe Biden. I just don't he picked the best, and that would have been Bill Richardson.

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