Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CannonGame Review

Ok, now that I got all my Cellspin adulation out of my system, I'd like to review another good free app out of the App Store: CannonGame.

This game is an update of the classic Gorillas BASIC program that shipped with DOS back in the day (I realize I just dated myself there) But instead of a gorilla you get a howitzer, and instead of bananas you fire artillery shells. You pick the angle of the gun and velocity of the shell and FIRE! The graphics are excellent, the sound is superb, and the iPhone even vibrates when your target. It comes with 15 levels, which I all beat, but hey, the game's free and it's a great time killer.

One last thing: On my iPhone CannonGame crashed every time I start it, requiring me to restart the iPhone if I want to play it,, but I don't blame the game. I think it's the fault of iPhone's suspect 2.0 OS. If it wasn't a free upgrade I'd be ticked. However, it must be stated that the iPhone is still way more stable then the Treo ever was so I'm going to complain too much.

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