Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cellspin is blogging goodness

I still can't believe I can blog from the iPhone now. This truly was the number one thing I wanted to do once the iPhone 2.0 upgrade came out. I still think Google should have mad their own iPhone Blogger app, but I guess they are really behind on getting their mobile operating system, Android, out of beta. My hat (if I wore a hat) is off to the folks at cellspin for making this happen. I had downloaded Shozou to try and post picture but that was an epic failure. Holy cow I think I have typed more on the iPhone in the las ten minutes then I have in the last ten days. I am adapting my thumbs as before my messages were so short I just used my pointer finger. Now my pointer is fatigued so I'm actually using the thumbs. I guess I only have one complaint, the Cellspin work in landscape mode, as it is far easier to type with the wider screen. Still, beggars can't be choosers and I for one am most grateful for Cellspin's awesome program!

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Mark Jambas said...

Hi there,

The blogging revolution for iPhone 2.0 is certainly welcome news for a lot of us :-) but I am sorry to hear that you had trouble with ShoZu. Are you able to elaborate a bit more on what actually went wrong so I can help you out?

We've actually just released a brand new version of ShoZu in the AppStore if you want to check it out, with lots of new features and fixes, all requested from your fellow iPhone users.

Hope to hear from you.