Tuesday, August 12, 2008

iPhone 2.0.1 woes

After updating the firmware to 2.0.1, I thought the incessant crashes would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, after weeks of actual usage, I can report that they are still there.

Safari has and assuming at this point always will crash at completely unexpected intervals. Some websites are more crash prone then others, for instance the popular gadget blog Engadget will almost always crash once I've scrolled half way down it. More ominously, I've been noticing that instead of gracefully returning to the homescreen, Safari just freezes on whatever webpage it is on, requiring holding down the home button, the off button, or if all else fails, the home and off button simultaneously.

Super Monkey Ball will only run after the iPhone has been turned off and back on, or has been reset. It's gotten so annoying I've pretty much quit playing it, but if I have to time to kill, I automatically restart the iPhone so I won't be disappointed.

On the plus side, Contacts isn't as insanely slow as it was after the initial 2.0 update. The ability for embedded YouTube videos to play is a big plus as well, as this was something I was asking for before the update. Hopefully when Apple gets around to 2.0.2, or better yet 2.1, these annoying crashes will become of thing of the past. I certainly wouldn't want the iPhone to get a reputation as the new Windows 98.

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