Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Return of the Mac

Wow there has been so much that I've been meaning to blog about but was too frustrated with the iPhone to post. I've really not posted any politics in a while, and there has been some massive developments in the presidential race. I was so frustrated with Rudy's joke of a campaign and the subsequent selecting of 72 year old John McCain, I figured the race was over. But, lo and behold, the cagey veteran has crawled his way back in the race. This really was more of hubris on Barack Obama's part, stil,l I must begrudgingly give McCain credit for airing some good attack ads, coming around on offshore drilling, and slamming Obama at the Saddleback Ranch. Don't look now, but not only has McCain closed the gap in the useless national polls, but in individual state polls as well. In fact, if you throw out the outlier Indiana poll that shows Obama winning the Hoosier State that dates back to June, McCain is actually leading the electoral college!

Now I'm not saying McCain is going to win come November. Far from it. McCain still needs turnout, and while his performance at Saddleback was impressive, there's no guarantee Evangelicals will show up. Remember, Evangeicals stayed home the last time the GOP put up a crusty old moderate Senator, handing Bill Clinton his second term. McCain doesn't need a VP pick to fire up the Evangelicals, but he does need one that won't make them stay home on election day. Translation: If McCain picks Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge, he's done. McCain has the advantage of seeing who Obama picks for his VP first, and can adjust his pick accordingly.

There's no doubt McCain has a shot at this thing. While it's mostly due to Barack imploding, the old man has made the adjustments to make this race interesting. Thank you, Senator McCain, for not rolling over and playing dead. You've proven that an old dog can learn new tricks.

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