Saturday, September 13, 2008

Michigan shows little progress

Michigan's rebuilding project is going to be lengthy and painful, as today's game against Notre Dame graphically showed. Fumbles. Poor tackling. Dropped passes. Interceptions. One of the ugliest games the Wolverines have played in the last decade. Ominously, it does not look it's going to improve anytime soon. There's a QB controversy to resolve between Threet and Sheridan, although Threet looked much better today. Someone has to step up and be the go to receiver, something that should never happen at Receiver U. The defense, which was supposed to be strength of this team, has to tackle and cover better then they did today. Right now Michigan will probably be favored to win two more games this year, against Toledo and Minnesota. They will probably go 3-9 this year, missing a bowl game for the first time in over three decades. Wolverine fans may be forgiving for one year, but if this continues next year expect Rich Rodriguez to be on a very hot seat.

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