Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin performance impresses

Well, we now know why McCain picked Governor Palin for VP: She has fired up the GOP base like no else, save for perhaps Ronald Reagan himself. No foriegn policy experience? Half a term as governor? Pregnant unmarried 17 year old daughter? Who cares! This lady has conservatives salivating, opening their checkbooks, knocking on doors, making phone calls. Things I never thought would happen in a McCain campaign. Sarah Palin stepped up to the plate and slammed Obama, Rush Limbaugh style. Her stint as mayor likened to a community organizer with actual responsibilities? Priceless.

McCain now has the right fully behind him, and for the first time looks like he really has some kind of shot at winning this thing. He needs to capitalize with a good performance of his own Thursday night, lest he have people wondering why Palin isn't at the top of ticket.

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