Monday, September 01, 2008

Sarah Palin's daughter pregnant

Well, it's been a busy week for Sarah Palin now, hasn't it? First, she gets tapped to be John McCain's VP, and now she announces to the world that her unmarried 17-year old daughter is five months pregnant! Hoo-yah! On days like these, I'm glad I'm not a Republican anymore. This way I don't have to justify McCain's unprecedented incompetence. He either didn't know about the pregnancy when he picked her (incompetent vetting process) or worse, as is being reported, McCain DID know about and picked Palin anyway (this type of incompetence defies description). Really, did he actually think this news would help his campaign? The fact that Palin's daughter is keeping the baby is great, gives her even more pro-life credentials, but considering she already had a Down Syndrome baby, she has proven she is as pro-life as one could possibly be. Much more likely, the MSM and late night talk show hosts will have a field day with this, and any positives Palin brought to the ticket just got wiped out. Seriously, I don't know if I want a guy who can't realize these obvious facts making decisions in the White House.

This whole thing blows my mind. Republicans have always shoved the family value issue in everyone's face, year after year, and yet most of the scandals you read about today usually involve members of the GOP! The best McCain can hope for is the media keeps their eyes glued to Hurricane Gustav and no one notices, although in a 24 hour all news all the time world, that's practically impossible. Let the countdown to the Obama presidency officially begin....

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