Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RealClearMarkets - Articles - Foreclosure Myths: Can the Media Handle the Truth?

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008 Nealz Nuze TO THE UNDECIDED VOTER

This article is the best I've read this election.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mac Mini memory upgrade

I finally upgraded my Mac Mini to 2 GB of RAM yesterday. In retrospect, it was amazing that Leopard even booted up in the tiny 512 MB of memory that came with the Mini when I originally bought it a year ago. The 512 MB is even smaller due to the fact that 64 MB is shared with the video card. So an upgrade was definitely in order. However, the Mac Mini is notoriously difficult to open, due to the fact that there are no screws on the case (the cover is held in place by 16 plastic tabs). Fortunately, there is an absolutely fantastic tutorial from the guys at that covers upgrading both Power PC and Intel Mac Minis. Having followed the tutorial, I can say it was very accurate and useful. The only thing I would add is that in lieu of a magnetic screwdriver I used some Scotch Adhesive Putty to keep the screws on my non-magnetic screwdrivers.
While the Mini takes about as long to boot up as before, once it's up and running the performance difference is amazing. Before the 2 GB upgrade, one launched application would take up all the free memory and it was off to Virtual Memory swapping hell. Now I've got iTunes, FireFox, Xcode, and OpenOffice in four separate Spaces with plenty of memory to spare:

If your computer is chugging, do yourself a favor and get some more memory. My PC5400 DDR2 667Mhz SODIMM (2x1024MB) ran me about 60 bucks at Tiger It's the best investment you'll make in your computer.

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Missile Command for iPhone review

Atari has released Missile Command for the iPhone, and after a weak of playing it I can say it is easily the best game available in the App Store. The game play is exactly as one who had played the game would expect: Tap on the part of the screen where you want the missile to go and whoosh, off it goes. Incoming ICBMs, bombers, spaceships, and the difficult to kill pink diamond are what you're protecting your cities from. The game is a perfect port with the three missile launchers and the six cities. There are two modes: classic, for that totally '80s feel, and Ultra, a 21st century upgrade with tremendous graphics and futuristic cities and moonscapes. The graphics are amazing for a cell phone game, with realistic smoke and explosions. Sound effects are excellent, with a helpful warning when your silo is running low on missiles. The music is decent, but if you don't like it you get the option to listen to you iPod tracks. This is such a good idea it should be standard every app from now on. There are lots of options in regards to difficulty and sound as well.

All in all, this game is a blast. The price is fairly reasonable considering the high quality of the game. Do yourself a favor and download Missile Command for the iPhone, you won't regret it.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

O'Reilly Blasts Barney Frank On Fannie Mae Mess!!

Check out this video on YouTube:

Every once in a while Bill O'Reilly makes me laugh.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bailout defeat is victory for capitilism

The failure of the bailout to pass the House was a great victory for capitilism. Like many governmental power plays over history, it comes during a "crisis" (one the government created by encouraging lending to poor boorisers). The government claims that it alone can fix the issue by intervening, yet again, in the private sector. But instead of yielding to the inevitable tide of socialism, the previously gutless GOP discovered a spine and voted No. Sure the market tanked. It was artificially high from the government intervention, so a correction was needed. When prices get too high, demand subsides and balance is restored. This is a Good thing. Keep Washington out of the market and we'll fix it ourselves. It'll hurt in the short run, but it's better then the long road down to a socialist state.

Is Apple bluffing on shutting down iTunes

I posted earlier on the potential of Apple to shutdown iTunes over the proposed royalty increase. It may not be a joke. Before you snicker, consider the fact that Apple only gets one-third of the price of each song it sells. So when you hear the impressive figure of 5 billion songs sold, Apple probably brought in a little over 1.5 billion. It's not chump change, but that's all the money Apple's ever made over the life of the iTunes store. It's pretty weak considering Apple has close to 20 billion in revenue every year from all sources (iPhone, Macs, iPods, software). Apple could drop the iTunes store and the revenue it loses would be minimal.

The ensuing public relations disaster would be another story. Millions of customers would have legitimate concerns that their DRM protected songs would still work. You think the 2007 200 dollar iPhone price drop garnered bad publicity? That would be a drop in the bucket compared to a DRM uproar. Apple of course will blame the music industry for everything, but that's a mule that can only take so much beating. People eventually will feel bad for the mule and will take it out on Steve Jobs. The loyal Macheads will still by computers, but don't expect the 75 percent dominace Apple enjoys in the mp3 player market place to continue. Something for Mr. Jobs to think about before shutting iTunes down. My advice: do what every business does: pass the new royalty charge along to the customer. Don't cut off you nose to spite your face.

Apple drops NDA for iPhone developers | Apple - CNET News

iPhone developers released from NDA, expect more and better apps as
ideas can now be shared.

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Apple Threatens iTunes Shutdown over Royalty Dispute | Listening Post from

iTunes in jeopardy of closing. Good thing I have all the music that's
worth having.

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