Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Long" run, .tcx to .kml converter

View Larger Map Well, it wasn't that long, but when you're out of shape like I am 5+ is plenty. Plus I was going cross-country for a chunk of this run, on some very narrow paths. I really wanted to see how the Garmin 205 did in heavy forested conditions and it came through like a champ. It never gave me the "Acquiring satellites" I would get when I went into forests with the Garmin 101. I was feeling very good when I got home, looking forward to seeing my run on Google maps. And that's when everything fell apart, temporarily.

I was using the Motion Based website to upload my runs, but after an eternal upload time and two errors, I gave up on it. There had to be someone who had written a .tcx (Garmin's format) to .kml (Google's format, so I hit Google. The first one said my .tcx had no data so I moved on. Then I found this AWESOME one here on some German website. Got to love those Germans and their efficiency. It plotted a more detailed map then Motion Based! Mile markers and everything! Needless to say, I'll be sticking with them from now on.

Couple of interesting things on my run today:

One: I saw people actually off-roading an SUV! I would have taken a picture of them but they were pretty crazy doing donuts and what not I didn't want to become a hit and run victim so I stayed clear.

Two: I saw some deer as is almost always the case when running at dusk. I managed to get a picture of them but they are merely specks.

All in all, a fun run and I look forward to going at it again tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

thanks a lot, agreed on the german efficiency, job done