Sunday, December 14, 2008

When will the 32GB iPhone be announced?

I really need a 32GB iPhone. My old school 8 GB is completely filled up and I just had to take off my beloved Aqua Teen Hunger Force episodes to make room for The Dark Knight, which came with a digital copy when you get the DVD. All this talk of a 4GB iPhone is laughable, I mean I wouldn't even be able to fit my music on something that small (and by no means do I have a large collection), never mind all my pictures and games. Video? Fuhgedabahtit. There's a reason the Apple discontinued the 4GB iPhone oh, about 60 days after it came out: No one wanted it.

What people do want, even in these recessionary times, is a 32GB model. I know that many people who have yet to take the iPhone plunge are waiting for this to come out. It's hard to blame them. The 32 GB iPod Touch is already a reality, and it has a smaller form factor the iPhone (of course the iPod Touch doesn't have any of the phone stuff). Let's face it: Steve Jobs needs something besides Snow Leopard to introduce in his much anticipated Stevenote at the Mac love in next month. What would be better then a 32GB iPhone? I can see the ads now: iPhone, now available in small, medium, and large. The 32GB will be $100 more then the 16GB model, so it would go for $399.00. Even further down the line, when Apple wants the iPhone to completely dominate, every iPhone will come down $100.00, making the 8GB $99.00, 16GB $200.00, and the 32GB $300.00. I figure this will happen sometime in later in 2009, once iPhone sales slow as the recession hits full steam. Apple won't take a it as they'll just have AT&T foot the bill.

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