Thursday, December 24, 2009

iPhone Savior: "I'm On A Phone" Video with Lyrics

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Assigning apps to a specific space in OS X

This has to be the coolest feature in OS X besides Spaces itself. As an X Coder, I hated the fact that every time I launched Interface Builder it would launch over Xcode. I would then have to drag it over to a separate space. Pain in the rump. Now by following the instructions in this awesome tutorial, I now have all my favorite apps launch into specific Spaces. It's the ultimate in organization!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

CO2 is good for the plants

This is a great article on how CO2, (carbon dioxide for the chemistry illiterate folk) is actually good for plants, and that all the CO2 that's gone out has actually increased plant life all across the Earth. Now you'd think the treehuggers would welcome this bit of news, but since their goal is actually socialism, not helping the environment, I heavily doubt you'll be hearing much about this during Copenhagen.

Great letter to global warming idiots

Found this link in a forum. It hits the Global Warming Gestapo with some inconvenient truths, and is well worth a read. I have to say, I am glad that the blogging community has finally grown to the point where NY Times/CBS/ABC/NBC/CNN denials no longer means stories don't get out anymore. Thanks goes out to the Matt Drudges, the Andrew Breitbart's, the anonymous hackers that go out there and expose the truth. The MSM is in their twilight. May the dawn of the new media result in a glorious sunrise.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

AT&T needs to step up

OK, I'm totally fired up from FSJ's post about AT&T yesterday. Time for some unsolicited advice to AT&T:

You will not have an exclusive on the iPhone forever. Sure, you're the only GSM 3G network in America now (sorry T-mobile, yours does not rate at such), but there's this 4G thing around the horizon, and Verizon is going to beat you to it by a country mile. In summer of 2011, Apple will probably release a 4G iPhone model, and that will be the end of AT&T exclusivity. So you've got a year and a half to get in gear. So how should you spend that time?

1. Build. Some. Damn. Towers. Yeah I know it's easier said then done, what with NIMBY folk not wanting to look at a tower and what not. But you know what? I don't buy it. Because every little podunk town has a fire station, park, village center, etc. that you can put a tower up on. Every single one. Do you really think they're going to turn down money so you can put up a tower, especially in these recessionary times? Hell no. Get to work!

2. Get 4G going now. It's game over if Apple releases the 4G iPhone while you're still putzing around with 3G build out. You have to move right now, aggressively, because infrastructure doesn't build itself over night.

3. Quit with the damn Luke Wilson commercials already. Look, Luke Wilson doesn't make your fundamental problems go away. Building towers does. Spend your money there. If you have to show commercials, why don't you show some proletarian putting up a tower somewhere in the vast tracts of the country where you have no 3G service?

4. For the love of God quit threatening to punish your customers. What are you, the music industry? You did see how that turned out, didn't you? Do you really think subcharging iPhone users is really going to get you more customers? Look AT&T, your rep is shot as it is. You don't need anymore bad press right now, mmmm'k?

5. iPhone tethering. Sometime next decade? Just sayin'.

Greatest FSJ post ever

Those of us condemned to AT&T because of the iPhone have to read this post by Fake Steve Jobs. I have to admit, FSJ had gone a bit wayward lately, what with the endless Tiger bashing. But this article makes up for it. I couldn't have said it any better myself, especially the part about "What the f*** happened to this country?". Priceless.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quit guilting me, Nick

In today's column of the NY Times (yes, I read the NY Times when RealClearPolitics links to them, if only to find out what the enemy is thinking), Nicholas D. Kristof tries to guilt us into passing ObamaCare so some guy named John doesn't die. Now, don't get me wrong, John has a horrible medical condition that prevents him from working, insurance won't cover the surgery because he has a pre-existing condition, and I'm sure it's all George W. Bush's fault. But, Nick, buddy, instead of putting your pity story in the New York Times in a shameless attempt to change Joe Lieberman's vote on health care, why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Hmmmm? Get a quote from the doctors that say they can save him with surgery, and start raising some money. Dedicate every column you have to appealing to your dwindling NY Times readership and let's see how compassionate they really are. I mean, come on, your paper is mostly read by bleeding heart, latte liberals that have coin to spare. Have them quit going to Starbucks for a week and pony up some dough! Come on my Nick, man up! Quit peddling your guilt trips and take some action for a change!!!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Biographer Talks Ayn Rand and Her Hollywood Days - MarketWatch Video

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Got the MacBook Pro!

Well, I finally took the plunge. I rolled over to the Orland Square Apple Store and got myself a brand new 13" Macbook Pro (henceforth will be referred to as MBP). It's a thing of beauty, with the aluminum body, the back lit keys, the ginormous multitouch trackpad. I'm in the midst of transferring all of my files over. I've got my music and photos over so far, and it looks like Gimp, OpenOffice, Firefox, and even Xcode made it over OK. I had a little permission issue snafu that delayed things for awhile, but I think I've made it through the worst of it. Right now I'm going through the trickiest part, moving the iPhone over, but I've found a good article that I hope will get my apps and data over without any issues (crossing my fingers). Last, but not certainly not least, is to see if my own iPhone apps come over. I anticipate a nightmare of getting the certificates to work, so I'll think I'll save that for tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sunday, October 18, 2009 : Mark Steyn: Limbaugh bad, Mao good

Mark Steyn is my favorite Canadian.

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Embrace your Kaizen

This may the best article I've ever read, of any kind, ever.

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Droid is coming, Apple is scared. Not.

So there were some Droid commercials dissing the iPhone last night. I'm sure Steve Jobs is quaking in his New Balances. Look, I love Google, and it's a given that Verizon's network is completely superior to AT&T's, but Google/Verizon/Motorola would have to pay me to use Droid. Break my AT&T contract for $175 (I actually don't have any problems with their coverage), give up all my iPhone apps, convert all my iTunes files because the iPhone doesn't have full multitasking or interchangeable batteries? Verizon, you're going to have to do better then that.

They're simply two years too late. Millions of people have bought into the whole iTunes/App Store ecosphere, and while it's not perfect, most people are extremely satisfied with it. Now if AT&T had crap coverage in my area and I was a Sprint or existing Verizon customer, I might be excited. But I'm not. A bit of friendly advice to Verizon: Stick to attacking AT&T with your clever "There's a map for that ads". There's a legit beef there. But since you're not going to convert many iPhone users who have decent coverage, you might want to drop these "iDon't" ads because all you're doing is making Steve Jobs angry. And you don't want to see Steve when he's angry.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Why the economy nearly collapsed

Lord knows I usually can't stand the New York Times, with it's hideous liberal slant and what not. Which would be fine, except they pretend they are an unbiased paper, mountains of evidence to the contrary (most recent example: denial of the ACORN scandal). But that's another post for another time. Google News dug up this absolutely astounding op-ed piece which basically blames the financial crisis on too many smart people entering finance, inventing derivatives and credit default swaps, when they should have been studying physics or engineering. Part of the rationale was that college has become so expensive that the smartest students started picking finance so they could pay off their gigantic student loans faster. It makes more sense then anything else I've read on this most important subject, and while it's not the only reason we're in the sorry state we're in (mass government intervention in the housing market and good old fashioned greed come to mind) it explains quite a lot.

Where are the new Mac Minis?

I'm seeing in multiple places that people have been turned away from by buying a Mac Mini at Apple Stores because they are sold out. What's the hold up on the new model Steve? Waiting for all the iMacs to run out too? How many MacBook whites are left while you're at it?

I'm tired of waiting. I want a MacBook (preferably at 900 bucks and multitouch trackpad)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

WRT54G died

The old Linksys WRT54G gave up the ghost Sunday, so I had to get another router to replace it (I think this is the third one I've got from Linksys). Sadly, since Linksys was bought by Cisco, it looks like they are giving up on the old purple color scheme I'd grown so fond of. The new WRT54G2 is low profile, black and working now after a mad scramble to find the MAC address I needed to clone to make it work with my cable modem.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Al Gore, Destroyed |

Can't wait to get the new Freakonomics book!

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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Apple Analysts are idiots

How does one get these "analyst" jobs anyways? By getting a worthless finance degree? So here's the latest "knowledge" revealed by "analyst" Kathryn Huberty at J.P. Morgan: That Apple's market share of the U.S. mobile phone sector would double if they would just end iPhone exclusivity with AT&T. Gee, really? You don't say!


But what about T-mobile, you may be thinking? T-MOBILE IS EVEN MORE BACK-ASSWARDS WITH 3G DEPLOYMENT THEN AT&T IS. The last thing Apple needs is another underperforming wireless partner.

I'm reminded of the showdown between Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in "A Few Good Men":

Are we clear? Yes, Sir. ARE WE CLEAR? Crystal.

Until there is a 4G iPhone, which won't happen until there is actually a 4G network in the US (Verizon 2011, earliest, AT&T, who knows?), or T-mobile drastically increases 3G coverage in the US (probably not going to happen before Verizon gets 4G up) there will not be an alternative to AT&T in the US for the iPhone. Look, "analysts", wishing for something does not make it so (iPhone nano, iTablets, sub $1000 dollar netbooks, etc.) You'll get what Steve Jobs wants, when he wants you to have it.

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Kindle for iPhone good, but not great

As I sit here at the local Jiffy Lube I'm glad that I have the option of perusing the dozen or so titles in Amazon Kindle app library. While I'd prefer that Apple would have just added iBooks to the iTunes store, Kindle's online store is a close second inconvience, with a decent search feature and one-click shopping. So it's good, but not great. Why? In a word, selection.

There are around 250,000+ books in the Kindle store. That may seem like a lot, until you consider the millions of books that are not in the store. Now granted, a lot of those millions are tripe that have sold less then 5,000 copies that the world wouldn't miss. But no Harry Potter? Atlas Shrugged? These are mega best sellers. Why are they not in the store? Is it the publisher? Is it the author?

I mean, isn't the whole publishing industry a bunch of leftist kooks that should be considering the negative effects of cutting down the trees to produce the paper version of these tomes? Hmmm? The book industry needs to go electronic for the enviromental benefits if nothing else. Or they're just hypocrites.

The Weekend Interview with John Mackey: The Conscience of a Capitalist -

Whole Foods gets health care insurance right.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, Iran?

Here's what I don't get: We have twenty $2,000,000,000 B-2 bombers sitting in hangars somewhere in Missouri, and yet, for some reason, they are not flying towards to Iran right now to take out the most severe threat to nuclear catastrophe the world has ever known. I want my tax dollars back! That's what these planes were designed to do: Take out heavily protected, high priority targets. Shame on George W. Bush for putting the planes back to work back when we first found about this threat (not on Friday as the media would have you believe). We invade Iraq, a country that doesn't have WMDs, and then we don't do squat when the country next door is building nukes! In what universe does that make sense?

Interface Builder: Amateur Hour at the Apollo

Don't get me wrong, Interface Builder is a good tool for developing on the iPhone, but it seems kind of limited to me. It would be nice if it had some kind of layers support, for starters. And how about being able to rotate objects? Just a thought. The alternative is going to Quartz, which I'm going to probably have to do anyways, but for now I'll see what kind of game I can bang out just using IB.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

iPhone MMS is real

Two plus years into the iPhone experiment and there is MMS. I really don't plan on sending any, as I never used it before. Tethering on the other hand....

Friday, September 18, 2009

Charles Krauthammer's great article

link Obama doesn't lie, he misleads! But don't you dare call him a lier! That's not Politically Correct! -- Post From My iPhone

Google's lack of Blogger app

Is Google just lazy? Or am I the only one still using Blogger? Look I don't know, but I think I have enough knowledge now to get a halfway decent app in the App Store. Landscape only, link support, pictures. That's it, but that already will make it better then BlogPress. If anyone knows of a better Blogger blogging app I'm all ears.

-- Post From My iPhone

'What You're Left With Is Libertarianism': Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld on what guys like to read, what meth addicts do to toasters, and why liberals and conservatives are so annoying - Reason Magazine

This guy seems pretty cool. Too bad his show is on at 3 in the morning.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Desk today

Got a new folding table from Menard's for 40 bucks for my Mac Mini and other assorted goodies. I can't get any work done in the living room too many distractions. Can definitely feel the feng shui improvement.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Peter Ferrara: The Keynesians Were Wrong Again -

Looks like were doomed to relive the 70's.

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Michelle Obama to carry the torch :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago 2016,CST-NWS-oly12.article

What is this? Michelle Obama will go to lobby for the Chicago Olympic
bid and not Barack? What an embarrasment. Hey Barry, our Olympic bid
needs you! Jump onto Air Force One and do some work! The health care
debate is not a valid excuse!

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Monday, September 07, 2009

Mac equivalent to Paint is Paintbrush

Came to the sad realization that GIMP cannot make a simple circle without going through an elaborate work around. It took me a while to accept this fact, and when I did, I found an even bigger oversight in Mac OS X: There is no Paint-style program! Let me get this straight: There's a comic book drawing program but nothing to draw some simple circles? Weary, I asked Google to find me the Mac equivalent to Paint, and it came up with Paintbrush. I immediately downloaded it and in a few seconds I sketched the circle I will need for the fire button in my iPhone app. Crisis averted.

Friday, September 04, 2009

AT&T admits it sucks

So AT&T sent some goofy dweeb in desperate need of a haircut to explain that, yes, AT&T's network does suck, but it's not their fault because who could have possibly forseen 300 percent growth in data traffic year after year, and there's only so much bandwith, and yada yada yada we'll make it better. Some day.

AT&T, let me save you some time. People don't care about bandwidth, or cell towers, or base stations, or whatever. What they do understand is they have slow or worse, non exisistent data service. I get the fact that you can't wave a wand and grow new cell phone towers, or pluck more spectrum out of the sky, or get your lazy employees to update your software to have MMS ready. Yet you still feel compelled to charge users 30 dollars a month when you are clearly not holding up your end of the deal. Look, if you were really serious, you'd drop the price of the data plan to 10 bucks a month. I mean, since it's dial up speed, you should charge dial up rates. Fairs fair.

One more point. To all of those people that think Verizon will come in and end AT&T's exclusive contract next year, I hate to be the bearer of bad news: Not. Going. To. Happen. I know's it been said before, but it bears repeating: Verizon is CDMA, AT&T and the rest of the planet is GSM. Apple will NOT make a CDMA only phone. The only way Verizon gets the iPhone is when the Apple makes the 4G version, which is probably two years away since no one's 4G network will be ready until then. So everybody that's so gung-ho about jumping ship to Verizon needs better get used to waiting. And waiting.

I seriously need to write a blogger mobile app

OK, I've had it. I'm done waiting for Google to write a blogger app. And since no one else is going to write one that works in landscaping mode (I'm looking at you Blogpress) I guess it's up to me. Sigh. -- Post From My iPhone

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snow Leopard Install Successful

Have to hand it to the software engineers over at Apple: They know how to slim down an OS. After years of operating systems growing considerable girth, Apple switched gears and put OS X on a diet. And it's a diet that Rush Limbaugh could be impressed with: after installation I went from 7 GB to 18 GB of available space! That was worth the price of admission alone, a paltry 30 bucks (meanwhile the geniuses of Redmond want to charge $200 to erase the memories of poor Vista victims). In addition to the hard drive space savings, there is a general increase of speed overall, the finder is significantly faster, and the scrolling through the dock icons is a breeze.

The best new feature is QuickTime 10, which does audio and video recording now, plus a really cool video screen capture that allows you to do tutorials and such. I plan on using it to show how to make some of the iPhone programs I'm developing.

My 2007 Mac Mini Core isn't ancient, but it's pretty old, so it took over an hour to install (a lot of sites were claiming 45 minutes) , and it's puny Intel Graphics card will not really be able to take advantage of the OpenCL features that would take advantage of any extra GPU cycles. Still, since the CPU has two cores, I expect video capture to go a little faster (haven't had a chance to try it yet.)

As far as compatibility with existing apps, I'm pleased to report that the GIMP, OpenOffice, and Flip4Mac (a .wmv viewer) are all working as before. Google Chrome, which is still in beta, is functioning but ironically Google's homepage had some strange hieroglyphics on it when I pulled it up. Most importantly to me, Xcode is working fine and it still recognizes my iPhone as a developer phone, which I was extremely worried about.

The verdict: If you have an Intel Mac with a gig or more of memory, this is a no-brainer upgrade. The hard drive space saved alone will save me tons of time every time I have to download the mammoth XCode updates, which usually require 6GB of free space that I rarely have. My Mac feels a bit faster, and I know I'll use the video screen capture a lot. This update should carry my Mac until the iTablet (if and when it ever comes out), and it should do the same for you too.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ambience is a Godsend

One absolutely must have iPhone program for me is Ambience. It effectively drowns whatever my wife has to watch so she can fall asleep. My personal favorite it Waterfall, it's the most effective for drowning out everything. Plus I just like waterfalls, I can stare at them for hours.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

iTablet doomed to Apple TV status without Snow Leopard

I really, really want this iTablet thing to exist. However, I want it to be called a Macbook Touch, have Snow Leopard on it, and in general not be a glorified iPod Touch. I know Steve Jobs is a man of Reason, and he must realize it is not Reasonable to have a crippled computer, dependent on another computer to be able to function. Think about an iPhone. You can't use it unless you have another computer to sync up with, whether to backup up your music, put your movies on it, or update it to the latest OS. You can't even rearrange your photo album without the outside assistance of iTunes running on another computer. That's OK for an iPod or even an iPhone (although I would dearly like MobileMe to do all this in the cloud, which will never happen so never mind) But an 800 dollar computer? No way. No how.

I've read some very disturbing reports from supposed analysts that say this is some Apple TV replacement garbage, running on some iPhone OS variant, and I'm thinking, no, this just can't be. It can't. Apple would never make such a crappy product, would it? But then, they did make Apple TV, didn't they? Stupid thing doesn't even have Blue Ray, and is stuck playing the miniscule movie selection of the iTunes store, in lo-def no less! Say what you want about the Mac Mini, at least it has OS X.

That's the choice Apple has: Make some kind of weird Apple TV/Big iPod Touch for the niche market of weirdos that thought TV was dead and we'd get all of our content from iTunes, or build something that will actually be useful, like Mac Mini and it's proper Mac OS X operating system, except it will have a touch screen. I would buy a Macbook Touch with Snow Leopard. I've wanted a Macbook for some time but thought a thousand dollars is steep for a laptop. Give me an 800 dollar Macbook Touch and I'll camp out at the Apple Store the day it's released. If not, I'll stick with my Mac Mini/iPhone ecosystem, thank you. -- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, August 02, 2009

iTablet is a no go without Snow Leopard

Not that Steve really cares what I think, but I would like to reiterate my stance on the supposed iTablet in the face of the latest rumours.

1. No Snow Leopard, no chance I'm buying it. The lastest rumour is iTablet will be based on an ARM chip, not an Intel Atom. Since Snow Leopard is apparently an operating system based now solely on Intel chips, I'm afraid it will get stuck with an iPhone like OS. This is not good. People may tolerate a locked down OS for thier phones, but computers? I'm thinking no. People aren't going to drop 800 bucks for something that won't let them multitask or save files locally. Unless Snow Leopard is being built for ARM chips, which I've heard absolutely nothing about, expect this thing to be an overgrown iPod touch.

2. iTablet? That just doesn't sound right. Am I the only one that thinks iTablet is a dumb name? Doesn't exactly roll of the tongue. If the thing had a real Mac OS, I could seeing bein called a MacTab or something like that. Since it's probably going to have the iPhone OS, it should be called something like iPod Grande.

3. $800? Is it just me or is that insane for what essentially an overgrown iPod? I know Apple is all about premium pricing, but in case anyone needed reminding we are in a recession/depression.

I hope I'm wrong. I wish Apple all the best, and I really want them to succeed. But if this thing is shaping up the way the rumors are going, I don't care how goord Steve Job's reality distortion field is, this thing's going to be another Mac Mini or Apple TV, i.e a niche product. Please Steve, put Snow Leopard on it or don't release it at all. -- Post From My iPhone

Computer Slowing Down? What to Do About It

Thankfully, Macs are fairly immune to this.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Acceration app

Working on my acceleration app, found adding a subtraction constant of .5 keeps the ball in the center while held at a 45 degree angle. Now adding the fire button.

Running the West Side

I ran the West Side yesterday, miles thirteen through 22 of the Chicago Marathon. Everything went fine with the exception of the iPhone dying right before 18th street. I soldiered on without it, but running up desolate Archer truly sucks without music. I'll always make sure it's fully charged before next time!!

AT&T: The iPhone's Achilles Heel -- Seeking Alpha

I concur. Verizon, let's get LTE in place sooner rather then later,

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why is Atlas Shrugged Not on Kindle

I've noticed that when I ask for things on my blog they are generally granted, with the notable exception of a Blogger iPhone app. So I ask Amazon and the estate of Ayn Rand for the following: Atlas Shrugged in Kindle format. I enjoy reading Kindle books on the iPhone, but for some reason my favorite novel is unavailable, despite it's tremendous popularity. Come on Amazon, you're sitting on a fortune here. Give us Atlas Shrugged! (and all the Harry Potter books too) Just Kidding! -- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chicago Marathon 2009 Directions

Directions for Chicago 2009 Marathon:

Start by going North on Columbus Dr at Monroe then left onto

Grand Ave then left onto

Rush St. then right onto

Hubbard St then left onto

State St. then left onto

Jackson Blvd then left onto

LaSalle St which then becomes Lasalle Drive and then you go left onto

Stockton Dr then you go right onto

Fullerton Dr. and then you lefto onoto

Cannon Dr. and then you take a soft right onto

Sheridan Rd.and then you take a soft left onto

Inner Lake Shore Dr. and then a left onto

Addison St. and then a left onto

Broadway St. and then a left onto

Clark St. then a right onto

Webster Ave followed by an immediate left onto

Sedgwick St. which then you go left onto

North Ave.then a right onto

Wells St. and then a right onto

Hubbard St and then a left onto

Orleans St. which after you cross the bridge becomes

Franklin St. and then you go right onto

Adams St. then a left onto

Damen Ave. then a left onto

Van Buren then a left onto

Ogden then a right onto

Jackson Blvd then a right onto

Halsted then a right onto

Taylor Street then a left onto

Ashland then a left onto

18th Street then a right onto

Halsted then a left onto

Archer then a right onto

Cermak then a right onto

Wentworth then a left onto

33rd then a right onto

State then and then a left onto

35th and then a left onto

Michigan then a right onto

Roosevelt then a left onto

Columbus and then YOU FINISHED!

iMovie letterboxing is slow

I'm getting serious with my iMovie work. I just recorded a 21 minute clip of me tooling around Tinley Park in preparation for recording the 2009 Chicago Marathon route. It took about 50 minutes to 'letterbox' the clip once I had imported it. I edited out all the traffic stops, then exported in .mov format. Exporting took another 15 minutes. It turns out that to get the time lapse effect I was looking for, though, I needed to turn Time Lapse on BEFORE I imported the video. Sigh. Now I know for next time.

Sticky notes program a buried treasure in OS X

I just rediscovered the greatest little program in Mac OS X: Stickies. I had used it ages ago on a whim, but didn't like the little notes cluttering my screen. With Spaces enabled, however, I can reserve an entire Space for just the Stickies! This is a great organizational tool that I plan to use for the foreseeable future.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vibration on the iPhone achieved

Managed to get the iPhone to vibrate, fairly easy to implement using the same AudioToolbox framework as before.

Can now play sounds on iPhone

It's Saturday so that means wife at work. I generally use these wife-free times to code the iPhone. Today I had I fairly good breakthrough: Playing sounds. I recorded my voice using Quicktime Pro and my microphone. Exported the file to .wav format, and then included the sound file in my Resources folder in my project. I included the Audiobox framework and threw in some code from my Callen book. A couple of tweaks to the code and it compiled. I linked the IBAction in Interface Builder, saved it, and then I ran it through the Simulator. Lo and behold, I heard my voice when I clicked on the button. I just wish I didn't sound so goofy.

Tosser show

Saw the Tossers last night they are friggin' amazing. Seriously, they are the greatest band you've never heard of.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kindle app saved me money

So I was in Borders last night because Public Enemies was sold out at Marcus, looking for an iPhone SDK book. I then saw a book called Inside Steve's Mind. I leafed through it and it looked interesting. Interesting, but not 23 dollars interesting. Then I remembered: Kindle for iPhone! Went to Amazon's Kindle page and searched for it and lo and behold, there it was for 14 dollars! Saved 9 bucks! It was downloaded onto my iPhone before my wife could pay for her books. Thanks Amazon! -- Post From My iPhone

Monday, June 29, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Slow Mac DNS lookup fixed

Okay, it turns out Comcast was at fault after all. While the signal to the cable modem was good, apparently Comcast DNS servers no longer play nice with OS X Leopard, resulting in my hideous lookup delays. After turning off IPv6 (no effect) and manually configuring my Ethernet connection to use Open DNS Servers and (that was the ticket!) in System Preferences->Network, everything was back to normal, sites like, Google, et. al were all working fine. It looks like when Apple went up to Leopard they changed the nature of their DNS queries to match the new standard, while Comcast's backwards DNS servers are still in old school mode. Thank you Open DNS servers and all the people on the internet who suggested to change to them.

Slow Mac DNS lookups

Found this very interesting page regarding my current Mac slow DNS resolution issue. Before I proceed any further, I'd like to say shame on Apple for not having any decent articles about resolving this and shame on Apple for being worse (way worse) then window at such a fundamentally simple task. Basically, when Leopard came out it completely changed DNS requests using IPv6, which unfortunately for me turning off does not solve the problem. There's more in the article and it's way more informative then I'll ever be, but needless to say I'm not the first Mac user to have this problem, and eerily, there seems to be no easy fix. I have half a mind to take this thing up the Apple Store and let some "Genius" play with it.

UPDATE: Turns out it was Comcast's old school DNS servers, which no longer work with OS X Leopard apparently. The solution for me was to switch over to Open DNS servers, at and

Sorry Comcast

I'm the first one to admit when I've made a mistake. I recently accused Comcast of being slow, but upon further review, they are not at fault for my recent bouts of internet slowness. By checking on my wife's computer sites like Google,, Yahoo!, I noted that the problem was not with Comcast. It was with the Mac. This of course pains me deeply, I do not like to speak ill of the Mac or any other Apple product I own, but it is the truth. It takes almost 10 seconds for a page to load in Safari, even a simple one like Google. Now I know Safari is a gigantically bloated browser (not as bad as IE, though) but this is completely unacceptable.

At first, I thought it was just bad wi-fi and maybe I was picking up another network or something. So I tried hooking up a CAT5 cable directly to my router. Still slow. And when I say slow, I'm talking EDGE speed slow, wanna chuck your computer slow.

I even went and tried Chrome on the Mac and it was no better. Out of desperation I'm trying Firefox again, hoping that it can handle simple things like logging onto Blogger, but I am not hopeful. Is it time to replace the Mac Mini? Say it ain't so Steve, say it ain't so.

UPDATE: This is so depressing. I've isolated the slowness of the internet to bad DNS resolution on the Mac. Ping tests confirm the same times to google (45ms) from both the windows machine and the mac, but it takes at least 5 seconds for the DNS resolution to occur. They should be using the same DNS, but I've got to check and make sure.

UPDATE 2: Actually it was Comcast's fault after all as their DNS servers don't work with Leopard anymore. And don't blame Apple either, they were just following the new IPv6 standards, we're all going to have to go them eventually. Get with the program Comcast! Thank you Open DNS servers for saving the day! And I'm sorry for ever doubting the Mac!

Friday, June 26, 2009

video projector for iPhone

So want this iPhone projector -- Post From My iPhone

Internet is going slow again

Internet was fine two days ago, I go on tonight and it's slow again. Now I read a story about how the internet broke yesterday after Michael Jackson died?

iPhone speedtest

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Comcast is back up to speed

Comcast did indeed get my internet fixed, and they even left a comment on my previous post when I complained about it. Nice touch, Comcast. -- Post From My iPhone

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Comcast is going real slow right now

Comcast, for the first time I can remember, is totally dogging it. I'm talking like dial-uo here. Now I know why I never went on the internet back in the '90s. It's unusable at this speed. I'm going to go and program the iPhone for a while. If it's still like this tomorrow, it may be time to drop their 57 dollar a month BS for el cheapo DSL.

The Intermittent Kevin - Find My iPhone works, and it is awesome.

Dude lost his his iPhone, then used Find My iPhone to track it down.
Hilarity ensues.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Feng Shui achieved

I believe I've finally set up the ideal programming environment here on the couch. I've got the Mac Mini on my top shelf, and a new bottom shelf for my iPhone, wallet, keys, and Blackberry. I have my IIT diploma right next to my LCD monitor which is now mounted on a 14" swing arm. The Apple Wireless Keyboard and Mighty Mouse have been behaving for the last week now, so I now have a fairly neat environment to work in. I already felt more productive today as I linked my Interface Builder objects to Xcode using the New Referencing Object, dragging the little blue line over to the File's Owner. It just felt good.

On a side note, I'd like to wish Steve Jobs I happy return to the Apple campus today. It's good to have you back!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting your band into the iTunes store

Found this cool article on Macworld about getting your band's music up into the iTunes store for next to nothing. The name of the company is called TuneCore and for the ridiculously low cost of 99 cents a track, they get you into iTunes. Even better, they let you keep all the money you make from the sale.

Now there is no excuse for bands to not get their music heard, unless they do in fact really suck. Apple truly is great in the fact the barrier to entry in both the music and programming worlds has been shattered by iTunes. Anyone with a little talent and effort can get their works out into the world and make some money. Now if Apple would just do something for publishers....

Putting GM seed on the iPhone

I really hope this is the last time I have to do this. I mean, they can't have another beta before June 17th, right? It's not so much the endless syncing of the iPhone, but putting the provisioning certificate back on to get my iPhone programs to run. It's such a pain in the but and my notes are incomplete on the subject. I'm headed off the iPhone DevCenter to figure out how to do it again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

WWDC keynote

Well they didn't name the iPhone the iPhone Video. Good, best not to brag about features phones have had for years. The days of the AT&T exclusivity agreement are probably coming to an end, buoyed by the fact that they have overpriced, crippled plans that can even support simple things like tethering and MMS. Keeping the iPhone 3g around at $99, that was nice. Good bye, Pre. Hope you enjoyed the 2 days of hype. MacBook Pros hundreds of dollars less? Nice. I still won't buy one, hoping for Macbook White to drop (unlikely). Snow Leopard really didn't have any surprises, appreciated the $30 dollar upgrade price. Didn't appreciate the waiting 'til September for it, but hey, OSs are complicated. And no Steve Jobs, not surprised, but still disappointed. Miss the Reality Distortion Field.

Safari 4 is out

Was greeted by the Software update bouncing at the bottom of the dock, alerting me to the fact Safari 4 was ready for download. Looks like Apple took all of Chrome's good ideas, like Top Sites and private browsing, although I'll have to run it through some speed tests to see how much faster it is.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

20,000 Nations Above the Sea: Is floating the last, best hope for liberty? - Reason Magazine

Great article on Seasteading. Forget trying to reform the country,
just build a new one on the ocean!

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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Can't wait for WWDC 2009

I rarely wish a weekend to go by fast, but with WWDC coming this Monday, I can't help it. I honestly can't say I'm that excited about the new iPhone/iPhone 3.0 software, the former because I just bought a 3G three months ago (when my iPhone Classic died, sniff) and thus won't buy one no matter what it has, and the latter since I've had the 3.0 beta on for a while now, and with the beta finally being solid, I no longer pine for the finished version. I am, however, very excited about some news regarding OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Specifically, when will it be released, what's the price point, and for Steve Job's sake I hope there's more features then Exchange 2007 support and 16TB of RAM that no will be able to use for the next decade or so. Quicktime X looks sounds cool but I don't think it's worth an OS upgrade. Multitouch features, perhaps? If they don't have something decent that we don't know about I think it's going to be hard to get people to fork over $129.00, given the economy and what not. If they're charging for it, then there's no way I'm getting a Macbook until it Snow Leopard comes out, so then it will just be pre-installed. I'd hate to have to wait until September for it, though. Apple also needs to consider that Windows 7 is right around the corner and from what I'm reading on the blogosphere, it doesn't completely suck like Vista does. Apple needs to get this thing released sooner rather then later. People aren't dumb, and they're going to hold off on getting a new Mac since they know a new OS is coming. It's hurting sales, and despite the tremendous success of the iPhone and App Store, the Mac is still Cupertino's bread and butter. (Now maybe if the iPhone was available on all Verizon it would be a different story, but don't hold your breath).

So what are we going to find out come Monday at 10AM Pacific time? It's prediction time:

1. Snow Leopard will come out "sometime in the near future", but no firm release date so Apple can clear out OS X 10.5 Leopard inventory. I do expect the announced features (OpenCL, 16 TB RAM support, Grand Central, Quicktime OS X, Exchange 2007) and a few rumored ones (the aforementioned multitouch support and geographic awareness). I expect Apple to price it at $129 like before (you don't work on something for a year and give it away for free, least of all at Apple). I also expect lots of boring technical information thrown in (this is a DEVELOPER'S conference, after all) that will piss every blogger who is waiting for the new iPhone announcement.

2. iPhone Video. Yeah, that's what they're calling the new iPhone. Not exactly creative. Adding recording video isn't exactly new (my Treo 650 had it for God's sake) and if they are really adding the front facing camera for iChat, i hereby predict it will be the most under utilized feature in phone history. Much like nuclear powered cars, retiring at 40, soccer and the metric system becoming popular in the United States, and other myths we were lied to about growing up, video phone calls have not, and will not, EVER go mainstream. Not even in the business world for teleconferencing. It looks great on TV, but seriously, do you really want people to see what you're doing while you're on the phone? That's what I thought. The video editing app that should be cool and I suspect the built in YouTube/Facebook uploading will go over well. What won't go over well? The fact that it won't be available for iPhone Classic and 3G users. Apple will claim that only the iPhone Video's upgraded processor and RAM can handle these "radical" features, leaving previous iPhone owners out in the cold. Brrrr. A 32 GB model is nearly certain, but I'd be shocked at a $99 4GB version, and even more shocked if Verizon was announced as a future carrier, as rumored. Expect a release date of July 17th or so while Apple clears out the old 3Gs.

3. LOTS of iPhone App demos. Again, this is a DEVELOPER's conference, not a Macworld "Stevenote". Again, I expect the blogger s in attendance to be bored to tears about the latest and greatest apps that are coming out. Expect five or so demo videos, of which one, and at most two, will actually be interesting.

4. Steve Jobs will NOT appear, not even for a "One last thing" moment. Boo.

5. No iTablet either. Expect that announcement no earlier then September, if at all this year.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Google Chrome for Mac: So far, so good

Look, I don't hate Safari. But there's something about it I just don't like about it. I can't put my finger on it, maybe it's the way it does favorites, or the tabs, I don't know. And don't get me started on Firefox. It's been in my doghouse ever since it couldn't do the simple task of logging on to Gmail. So I have really high hopes for Google's new browser, Chrome. Mind you, Chrome is in "pre-beta" at the moment, yet it seems to be running pretty well so far. No crashes in a few hours testing, (no surprise there), flash videos don't play yet (boo-hoo, no craptacular advertising) but other then that it's solid. I like the look and feel of the tabs, and the performance is gigity-gigity good. Hopefully Google will bring along flash and all the other stuff we expect soon, but barring something cataclysmic, this is my browser from now on for the Mac.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol finale format sucks

Well I just got done reading what the AI finale format is going to be tonight and consider me underwhelmed and angry. Quick recap: Three songs per contestant. Round one: Contestant's favorite from the season, i.e. Adam and Kris will have to sing something they've done before. I didn't like when Archuleta did it last year and it doubly sucks this time. I want a new Adam Lambert performance, if I want to watch an old one I have it on DVR. Round two: Simon Fuller pick. To those of you who aren't part of the Idol faithfull, Simon Fuller is the crusty old guy who produces the show. I don't trust him to pick fairly, and I'd hate to see Kris or Adam get stuck with a clunker. Round Three: Winner's choice. I really thought Idol had dropped this stupidity of the coronation song. There was nothing worse then having to watch Jordin Sparks and Beat Box boy have to sing the same sappy crap at the end of season six. To waste Adam's and Kris's talent on this is inexcusable. There is a simple solution to this: Let the contestants pick the damn songs and may the best man win. -- Post From My iPhone

Friday, May 15, 2009

wind sprints

-- Post From My iPhone

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Danny is gone! Yes!

Last week a great injustice was visited upon the entertainment world as America inexplicably voted Allison off and kept Danny Gokey on. This after Mr. Gokey demolished an uncoverable song (Aerosmith's Dream On) with a horrible scream that could be used to torture inmates at Gitmo. Revenge was sweet as Kris Allen managed to scrape enough votes to pass by Dan's zombie texting army. I imagine that every Allison voter switched over to Kris this week and the Nation of Gokey couldn't text the 300 times necessary to save him this time. Danny, good riddance to you Michael Boltonesque voice, your horrific dancing, and your screaming. -- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, May 03, 2009

MacBook white coming down to $849? Say it's so!

Look I love my Mac Mini, I really do. But it's getting time to move on. It's puny 60GB has been supplemented by an 500 MB external firewire harddrive, but you can only install apps on the internal drive. I'm down to 8GB, so I'm basically stuck with what's on the machine currerntly. I bumped up the Mini's inexcusable 512MB of RAM to 2GB, but I need a had to use two putty knives to crack it open, some magnetic screwdrivers, and some very steady hands to do it. And don't get me started on the weak Intel video card. It's getting time to upgrade. I need to be mobile again. If I want to bang out some code at lunch at work, I should be able to. My main deterant has been the dime ($1,000 for those not familiar with gambling) I'd have to drop to get one. A thousand dollars for a laptop? Even with Mac OS X, the greatest operating system ever, it's pretty steep for a machine that would go for about $600 in the Windows world. Hence, my Mac Mini, which cost $600. It's like a laptop without the portability. It was a great way to get introduced to the Cult of Mac. But it's time to get the MacBook white.

Which is why I so glad I saw this on the web. It asks "would you pay $849 for a Macbook?" Um, yeah. $150 off? Absolutely! Especially if it has Snow Leopard on it. Can't wait till this is official.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Couch programming environment

All I need is to bring my mini-fridge over! I've got my portable keyboard/mouse lapdesk in place (note my malfunctioning wireless mouse and keyboard off to the side, damn bluetooth!) so I'm to coding land. I'm eating, drinking and sleeping the Objective-C language until it comes as natural to me as English. I've got to get my programs ready so when iPhone Beta 3 SDK is finished I can put an app in the app store! I'm on a mission!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Family Guy legalize marijuana episode

How the FCC let this on the air is beyond my comprehension. The best Family Guy episode ever! Seriously, you will not see better political satire on network television better this.

It's the spending, stupid!

Here's a great article on the real meaning of the tea parties. It never was about the taxes (although they are bad), it's the out of control spending of TARP, stimulus packages, and 4 trillion dollar budgets. Enough is enough! Because when the government goes bankrupt, there will be no one around to bail it out. -- Post From My iPhone

Lord of the rings available as e-book

I just got an e-mail from both e-reader and kindle saying the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy is now available to read as an e-book. Maybe now I can finally get through this rather verbose piece of literature. After taking down "Atlas Shrugged" last year, I think I'm up to the challenge. -- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bluetooth fixed. Sort of.

OK, I think the whole bluetooth issue is simply due to the fact that my mouse is too far from the Mac Mini. I never thought three feet was too far, but apparently it is. As long as it is pretty close to the Mac Mini (i.e. when it's on top of the couch, it seems to work. If that's what I have to do to keep it working so be it because there is a huge difference in Feng Shui using the wireless devices!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Apple Bluetooth sucks!!

Look, I don't mind paying a premium for Apple stuff, but I fully expect the stuff to just WORK. I spend all day dealing with craptacular Windows machines at work and I don't feel like dealing with any computer drama when I get home. Now I went and bought (against my better judgement) a wireless Apple keyboard and Apple wireless Mighty Mouse for the Mac Mini in an effort to clean up the spaghettification of my couch. For three weeks, they worked great. Then I moved my wall mounted LCD screen. I always shutdown the Mac when I do a move of my equipment, and when I turned it back on, the mouse and keyboard were still working fine, for about 30 minutes. Then I got the dreaded Connection Lost. I figured the batteries died, but no, after a reboot of the Mac Mini I briefly regained bluetooth connectivity, looked at Keyboard and Mouse in System Preferences and they both had 5 bars of power. Apparently this is not unknown to the Apple community I saw 80 post on an Apple forum regarding this problem with zero solutions. It's a damn shame because I really love the Mighty Mouse, with all it's extra buttons it makes is a snap to navigate through all my windows using Spaces and Expose. And the keyboard was nice and small, not bloated with the superfluous number pad that I still have never used in my life. Oh well, I haven't given up hope yet, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. My other mouse and keyboard work fine, I just get sick of being all tangled uo in the wires on my couch.

Yet another iPhone SDK beta

These betas are big, so I have to wait for the weekend to install them. I got the third beta cooking now, should come out of the oven in about 10 more minutes, then I'll risk the iPhone's life again while I put on the the new beta. If you get my voice mail when you call you'll know why....

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've entered the 2009 Chicago Marathon

Well it's official: I've entered the 2009 Chicago Marathon. This it's not just about me though, I'm running for a cause: The Chicago Diabetes project. My sister's trying to raise money for some very important research in battling this terrible disease. They are making incredible progress over at UIC (where my sister works) and are making breakthroughs in growing healthy pancreas cells. So I'm really looking forward to running the race this year. I've already run a half-marathon this year (unofficially) so it's just a matter of dropping some pounds and finding a way to run 4 hours without hitting the "wall". I'm leaning towards carbo loading with stuffing.

Tea parties

I wish I could have taken a half day off to go to the tea party downtown, but I have to work to pay all my taxes! Hopefully Chicago will have a July 4th Tea Party so I can actually go. All in all, it looked like the tea parties were a big success, with parties in all 50 states, with a dozen in Illinois alone. My favorite sign is saw was an Obama sign with the "O" made out of the hammer and sickle. Hysterical! I'll try and make that into a T-shirt. A good day for libertarianism today as we get our message out that the government is not in the business of bailing out bad business. Keep up the good work guys!!!!

Liberty-loving Gen-Yers will reshape politics - JSOnline

Couldn't say it better myself.

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Tax Day Becomes Protest Day -

Wish I could go to the tea party day...

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iPhone OS 3.0 beta 3 goes live - Engadget

Another iPhone Beta!

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Misty is spayed

Well, Bob Barker would approve. We got Misty spayed today and she is very tired from her ordeal. She's sleeping next to me right now, I'll watch over her for a while as she's not supposed to eat or drink anything for an hour.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Palin 2012? Found this on some guys website while looking up some Objective-C code. Made me laugh.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Google Maps crashing on iPhone

Google Maps has been crashing on my iPhone lately. I finally figured out a way to get it working yesterday. I went into Settings and turned location services off, then I launched the iPhone Google application, from which I launched Google Maps. For whatever reason that got it too work. I then went back into settings to turn location services back on, because I like to see where I an when navigating through Chicago's SW side, where I was trying to find one of my coworker's houses. Google Maps has been a little (OK maybe a lot) sluggish with the location services, so I've decided to hit the current location button once inside the app, any more then that I think it crashes. Anyways just thought I post that for anyone who might be having problems with the iPhone Google Map app crashing because I didn't see any other posts about it.

iPhone programming class on iTunes U

OK this is just cool. Stanford's CS193P course in iPhone programming (here is the class website and iTunes link) is now online on iTunes U. I just watched the video from the first course and really enjoyed it. I felt like I was back at college, except I can't remember ever getting this excited for a lecture back then. I felt a little bit better about myself when the Apple engineer teaching the class crashed his demo program on the fly. Using the Interface Builder is tricky indeed! I plan on doing viewing all the lectures and doing the assignments, it's almost like I'm a Stanford student! This iTunes U is a great idea and I hope more colleges, including my alma mater IIT, provide lectures online. This it was education is really about. Thanks for Engadget and Wired for the tip.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boots on the couch with me

iPhone wireless syncing

I'm now in a crusade to get rid of all these wires on my couch. My repressed anti-wire genes I inherited from my parents is surfacing, and I find myself increasingly annoyed by the keyboard, mouse, headphone, and iPhone dock cables. I can get a wireless mouse and keyboard easily enough, and I can probably get bluetooth headphones (although I'm still haunted by previous experiences), but what about the iPhone? Why can't we sync over wi-fi? I used to be able to do this on my old Palm Tungsten C, and it was the gratest thing since plastic plumbing. Mr. Jobs, please consider it for the final release of the iPhone 3.0 software. Thanks! -- Post From My iPhone

Back from California

Wow. I've gotten so hung on facebook I really didn't post while in California. Anyways, I was out there for two days on business in Ontario, a LA suburb about 65 miles from the beach. The highlight of the trip was the weather, which was SoCal perfect, and my attempt to climb the mountain. I only made it up to 2900 feet (starting from a base point of about 2100 feet), making it to a broadcast station before I decided to head back down. The views were incredible, and it weren't for LA omnipresent smog they would have been spectacular. Below are some highlights:

Run down the mountain

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009


My new car

So check out this new car from India. At 2 grand, even my ex-roommate Angel can afford it! I can't wait for it to come to America in a few years. Hopefully the Saturn will last that long.

-- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Link Testing


The nice thing about blogger is that it looks like normal HTML tags do in fact work. When I create my blogging app, I'll include linking, which BlogPress currently lacks. -- Post From My iPhone

DLP Cinema®: See what's playing at a digital theater near you

Digital Theaters near TP.

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iPhone 3.0 instructions

Found a nice link to those who are getting ready to upgrade to iPhone 3.0. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to be a successful iPhone game developer: Enigmo creator speaks | Technology |

I want to be like this guy....

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Misty sitting with me on the couch. She's a good pet.

-- Post From My iPhone

Will Kindle put a store in their iPhone app?

One of the more interesting features of iPhone OS is the ability to buy items inside the apps. This is a godsend for the ereader apps out there, as you currently have to exit an app, launch Safari, go to the company's website, log in, find the book, give your credit card info, then go back to your ereader and download it. Inconvienient, to say the least. Admittedly, Stanza has a little bit more streamlined then this, but still, wouldn't you rather be able to use your iTunes account with all your redeemed gift cards? I think Kindle would really benefit from this, seeing as they have the most titles and have the ability to get the publishers to release more. I can easily see myself buying a lot more books if this were the case. The only question in my mind is will Amazon accept the 30% cut Apple would take? Seeing as the profit margin on e-books has to be gigantic as they basically sell for far more then the paperback version and there is no physical media to print or ship, I would hope the answer is yes. Amazon, please commence work on the Kindle iPhone immediately! -- Post From My iPhone

Need a wireless keyboard and mouse

Couch computing is indeed awesome, but I need to take care of this wiring issue:

I was checking out Apple's offerings, steep in price, but they look like they'll get the job done. I tried Microsoft's wireless keyboard and was so bad it was unusable. The Mac Mini kept refusing to wake up when I used it. Hopefully the Apple products will work better.....

-- Post From My iPhone

BlogPress best iPhone blogging app

I was actually going to write my own blogging app because I couldn't find one to do the following:

1. Post to Blogger
2. Post multiple pictures in the same post
3. Landscape keyboard
I found it difficult to believe that after a year of the App Store being open such an application did not exist. So after a little googling this morning I found a potential winner: BlogPress. It meets my three requirements, and it actuall suprised me with a sort of bonus Picassa upload feature: You can pick which Picassa Album your uploaded pictures go into.

I've tested it on a few posts today and I have to see I'm pretty satisfied with it so far. I've read that formating could be an issue in some of the reviews, so I'll keep an eye on that. So far I can say this app is definitely worth the three bucks.

UPDATE: Yeah, formatting is an issue. I had to manually add the br tag for all my breaks. Why does every blogging app forget this? I may write my own app after all...
-- Post From My iPhone

6 hours to go...

Wow, the new iPhone 3.0 SDK is gigantic, and apparently slowing Apple servers to a crawl. I'm currently downloading at 85.9 kB a second, so it will be a good 6+ hours until it's done. I think I'm going to go clean my car.... -- Post From My iPhone

Passed 20,000 visits!

Hey, just visited sitemeter and saw I passed the 20,000 visit mark. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by!

-- Post From My iPhone

Taking the iPhone 3.0 plunge

Well, I'm going to download the new iPhone SDK and put the iPhone 3.0 software beta on the iPhone. Really looking forward to copy and paste with BlogPress, which by the way works in landscape mode quite well.

I can't really talk about it too much once I put it on thanks to the NDA, but hey, a three month head start on the rest of the world makes the iPhone developer fee worth it. Wish me luck! -- Post From My iPhone

Going to LA next week

Well, Ontario, CA to be exact, but I still hope to see some of the city of Angels while I'm out there. Hopefully I'll get a decent run and some photos. -- Post From My iPhone

Testing BlogPress

I'm testing BlogPress to see if it can do multiple pictures.

Hawks game versus Columbus

Blackhawks statue on the North Side of stadium -- Post From My iPhone



Ate at the Fatbuger for the first time since my Vegas 2000 trip. So good... It's in Orland at 151st and Lagrange, they're getting one at 95th and Western in Beverly too. Should be great for all the bar crawlers...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RealClearPolitics - Articles - Making It

John Stossel, awesome as always.

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west side run

Nice weather, 52 degrees at run time. Shame on me for not running the last few days! On a seperate note, the skip is not working on the iPhone headphones. Annoying.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TUAW reader livestreaming Tokyo Marathon from head-mounted iPhone - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

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Now AT&T 3G doesn't work at all

AT&T is apparently out to get me. Now 3G doesn't work anywhere, even where I get 5 bars. I hate AT&T. I'm paying 10 dollars more a month for the same crappy EDGE service. Is anyone else having this issue?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Which iPhone 3.0 feature would you like to see the most?

Well, tomorrow's the day! Will cut and paste on the iPhone finally become a reality? How about MMS? Video recording? Flash? Maybe A2DP? Tethering? Ok, that's a little crazy, we know A2DP and tethering aren't going to happen, and Flash looks to be on the outside looking in. Video recording is feasible but probably won't be implemented because it would drain the battery quickly and probably crash the iPhone inordinately. MMS is a real possibility but not a lock. Cut and Paste has to happen. It just has to. Apple would look so stupid going through three iterations of mobile OS X and ignoring one of the most fundamental aspects of modern computing. Everything else is gravy in my mind. I don't care if flash ever comes to iPhone, considering how long it took them to get mobile Safari right without Flash. I don't use MMS, although I know a lot of people who do so Apple would be wise to implement it. A2DP is for a handful of people who hate wires so much they don't mind looking like complete idiots while they listen to music. Video recording would be nice, I have to admit, although let's be honest here: it would look crappy, the sound would be worse, and YouTube would be inundated with even more drunken debauchery then was previously thought possible. iPhone sans video recording maybe a good thing. Tethering would be great for road warriors but come on, you know AT&T won't approve. With the data plan at 30 dollars a month though, we damn well ought to be able to tether! Guess we'll just have to wait for tomorrow to find out what we get. See you then!

Petitioning for more Kindle e-books

Just went on Amazon's website to see if a book by Instapundit was available in the Kindle e-book format. While I was sad to see that it wasn't, there was an option to ask the publisher to make it available as a Kindle book. Once these publishers realize how many people want e-books, we'll see a lot more titles available. I, for one, am refusing to buy any further books unless they are available in electronic form. I am tired of books just taking up space cluttering my little condo. I don't mind paying for books. I just want them on my iPhone, with me at all times, and my place automatically kept. Heck, use the saving trees argument, I don't care. I won't rest until Atlas Shrugged, all the Harry Potter books, and my obscure but beloved Wingman books are all available in digital form.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Couch computing with the Mac Mini

It's been three years, but couch computing has returned for me. I did some renovations here in the condo to bring the MacMini here in the living room. I mounted my flat screen right above the couch, made a little shelf for the Mac Mini, plugged everything in and off I went. I figured I spend most of my time on the couch so I might as well bring my computer by it. I know it would be easier to just get a laptop, but the Macbook is a diamond bill and that's money I don't have in these depressionary times. So a little moving was in order. Now I just have to clean this mess up.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lexi's drawing

My niece drew this today using white board.

Mark Steyn: Welcome, kids, to the Brokest Generation

Mark Steyn is a national treasure worthy of Secret Service protection.

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Kitties enjoying the fresh air

AT&T's Lack of 3G coverage in Tinley disgraceful

It truly is amazing that Apple has been able to sell as many iPhones as they have considering they are stuck with AT&T. Seriously, vast tracks of East Tinley are stuck with EDGE! Unacceptable! I bet Steve Jobs is counting down the days until the exclusive clause of the contract expires....

Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life:Amazon:Books

I'll buy this book if it's in Kindle format.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunday, March 08, 2009

iPhone instant gratification

I think one of the reasons I love the iPhone .so much the instant gratification factor. This morning, I had a real hankering for Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood. It was the first tape I ever bought back when I was a young buck in the late 80's. Went on to iTunes and had it inside of two minutes. Didn't have to leave the couch. If only all shopping was this easy....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Boots resting

Everything is breaking

First the iPhone died, I replaced it with the 3G version, though, so that wasn't so bad.. Next my dryer died. Then the service engine light came on, then went off. My muffler is about to fall off, and if I don't put a metal strap on it, it won't make it through next week. My car has already been on the loud side for over a year, and my driver's side window is stuck in the up position because the roll down lever is broke. The Dryer is the worst. It wasn't even three years old, and it's gonna be 600 dollars to replace it. The whole benefit of getting the condo in my mind was I'd never have to go to a laundromat again. There are days where I wish I was back in my happy party house, with it's 300 dollar a month rent.... Of course, I wouldn't have my cats...and it did have that opossum running around in the basement...maybe getting a new dryer won't be so bad.

Anti-CO2 Campaign Like An Atom Bomb On U.S. Economy

Investor's Business Daily nails this Cap and Trade bunk head on. Key
takeaway: Why is CO2 bad and methane, another greenhouse gas, good?
Because one is made by man and industry (evil) and the other is made
by cattle, benovelent creatures grazing the Earth. The fact of the
matter is that global war is indeed bunk, as I have been saying for
years. The Earth's temperature is largely dictated by solar output,
which has been on the decline for some time now. This explains why the
Earth has been <i>cooling</i> for the last decade (temperature peaked
in 1998 and has been falling ever since).
Look, this economy is already battered enough. We've blown past
recession on to the doorstep of depression. Cap and Trade would take
us over the depression threshold and keep us there until hell freezes

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Eye-Fi app for iPhone?

This could be awsome for us iPhone photographers.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

run 03-04-2009

Ran south today into the wind, which was light. 3.5 miles in 34:40.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Chicago run

Well, as you can see, the iPhone's GPS functionality is completely screwed up by Chicago's skyscrapers. It looks worse zoomed in. Trails had me at a laughable 12 miles, whearas the Garmin had me a more reasonable 7+ miles. It looked a little suspect too, giving me a pace of 3:35 on one occasion in the shadow of the Trump tower. I'll be

Friday, February 27, 2009

Palin leading in GOP 2012 poll, Obama 2nd term assured

If I was still in the GOP, I would have left today. For reasons that absolutely mystify me, Sarah Palin is leading the GOP pack in the race for the 2012 nomination. Bobby Jindal, a far more capable candidate, is at 9%. Unsolicited advice to GOP: Sarah Palin is damaged goods. Tina Fey destroyed any prospect of her holding office outside of the state of Alaska. If she ran in 2012, besides being mercilessly hounded every night on every cable news channel, she'd be skewered by Fey's dead on impersonation of her on SNL. Tina Fey is unelectable at the national level. Bobby Jindal is a Rhodes scholar and is turning around hurricane ravaged Louisiana in the middle of a mini Depression. The guy is the Indian Ronald Reagan, how can GOP voters miss this? One person I know is very pleased with this news, and that's Barack Obama. He's already got his second inauguration plans commencing, knowing he'll be able to clean the clock with Palin. GOP, please take your role as an opposition party seriously and put someone up that may actually beat Obama in 2012: Jindal, General David Petraeus, heck even Newt Gingrich. But Palin won't win, no matter shape America's in 2012. I guarantee it.

Structure 32 at dawn

Took this photo the other on my run to the west side. The pond was frozen but melting at this point. Ice crept up to the sidewalk shore,, requiring me to run on the grass so as to not slip and fall in.

Friday 3 miler

Lots of black ice, be careful out there! 3.00 miles in 29:44