Saturday, January 17, 2009

Incognito: No Safari killer here

Well, I tried the new browser for the iPhone, incognito, and it basically does what it says: browse websites without leaving a trace of where you went. It is NOT a replacement for Safari in any respect (unless you go to a lot of shady websites and let other people use your phone). There's no multiple tabs for starters (and finishers because if you can't launch another page you can only do so much). Also there are no bookmarks, and the title bar doesn't disappear, wasting precious limited iPhone screen real estate. The zooming worked as good as Safari, and the screen rotates if you enable it, so it's functional enough. Granted, this is a 1.0 product so it may get better. I only tried Incognito because Safari crashes once every ten minutes or so and I was desperate to try anything new. I guess the best thing about this app is I appreciate Safari a lot more then I used too, but if I wanted that feeling I could have just whipped out my old Treo. I'll just wait until Google releases a mobile Chrome browser for the iPhone. I'm sure it will come out right around the time the 32GB iPhone comes out.

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