Friday, February 27, 2009

Palin leading in GOP 2012 poll, Obama 2nd term assured

If I was still in the GOP, I would have left today. For reasons that absolutely mystify me, Sarah Palin is leading the GOP pack in the race for the 2012 nomination. Bobby Jindal, a far more capable candidate, is at 9%. Unsolicited advice to GOP: Sarah Palin is damaged goods. Tina Fey destroyed any prospect of her holding office outside of the state of Alaska. If she ran in 2012, besides being mercilessly hounded every night on every cable news channel, she'd be skewered by Fey's dead on impersonation of her on SNL. Tina Fey is unelectable at the national level. Bobby Jindal is a Rhodes scholar and is turning around hurricane ravaged Louisiana in the middle of a mini Depression. The guy is the Indian Ronald Reagan, how can GOP voters miss this? One person I know is very pleased with this news, and that's Barack Obama. He's already got his second inauguration plans commencing, knowing he'll be able to clean the clock with Palin. GOP, please take your role as an opposition party seriously and put someone up that may actually beat Obama in 2012: Jindal, General David Petraeus, heck even Newt Gingrich. But Palin won't win, no matter shape America's in 2012. I guarantee it.

Structure 32 at dawn

Took this photo the other on my run to the west side. The pond was frozen but melting at this point. Ice crept up to the sidewalk shore,, requiring me to run on the grass so as to not slip and fall in.

Friday 3 miler

Lots of black ice, be careful out there! 3.00 miles in 29:44

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights: Sales of "Atlas Shrugged" Soar in the Face of Economic Crisis

Greatest novel ever sales get boost in these troubling times. Time to
head for Galt's Gulch!

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Sout side run

Nice weather, no wind. Actually ran without the ski mask. 3.22 miles in 30:50

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Ran over the west side and structure 32. 3.17 miles

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Impomptu half marathon

I certainly didn't plan on running a half marathon, but 9 miles in I felt good so I decided to go for it. I got a little woozy at the ten mile mark, and hit the "wall" lightly at 11. Still, I managed to run it in 2:15:40, slow, yes, but no warmup, no stretches, no water, no go gels, and a nasty wind out of the west. Not too shabby for the middle of February.

These Toes Were Made for Running | Wired Science from

Humans were genetically engineered for running. The proof is in our

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Ball bouncing app

Ok I managed to get two balls bouncing around, and just added code so they bounce off each other when they hit. Now I'm going to take one ball out and put in two paddles for a game of pong.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where are the Harry Potter e-books?

The Harry Potter novels are probably the larrgest selling book after the Bible. So why aren't they available as e-books? Is J.K. Rowling worried about piracy? Seriously, I want an answer to this question: The iTunes store has 6 million songs but eReader has only 60,000 titles available? What the hell is going on in the publishing world?

Boots on my chair

iPhone Art

Made this in Whiteboard in about 10 seconds. I like it!

Landscape mode Blog app?

Does anyone out there know of a landscape mode Blogging app that works with Blogger? If not I'm going to make one.

The Tinley Harrier crashed Safari!

Aye caramba! Just checked out my last post on the iPhone and Safari crashed! Safari crashes used to be daily if not hourly occurrences but ever since 2.2.1 came out it's been pretty stable. I guess I have to many Google Map embeds from the runs. That should go away with the jpg posts from Trails though...

Break out the Mountain Dew, It's time to Xcode!

I'm putting the Mac Mini to work this weekend, learning the iPhone SDK and making some primitive programs. I've found tutorials and running through them, making a few Hello, World style apps but nothing major. My goal by tomorrow is to make an app that gives altitude via GPS. I'm going to call it "How High?" and test it by going to an actual USGS benchmark here in Tinley Park, the highpoint of Cook County. Wish me luck!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Rare Comet Close-Up Coming to a Sky Near You | Wired Science from

Comet coming!

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No 3G at Ed and Joe's


Limbaugh: Keep the Airwaves Free -

Rush speaks to Barry about free speech.

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Friday 4 miler

Decided to run in a northerly direction for a change of scenery. No wind today so it wasn't bad. 4.18 miles in 45:00, although I did stop to see if Trail's photo app worked. It did, but I have to remember to turn wi-fi off next time I run, as I was persistently asked to join two networks in the area.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

RealClearPolitics - Video - CNBC's Santelli Calls For New "Tea Party" On Trading Floor

It's time for the Chicago Tea Party! Where do I sign up?

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Cuddles on top of cabinet

Freezing run

I ran 3.01 miles. The trails program seems to spot me .2 miles. The map also showed me running all the way to I57, but I edited that out.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

02/17/2009 run

3.76 miles according to trails

Monday, February 16, 2009

an iPhone app for posting a picture to Blogger

Well, for reasons that still mystify me, Google STILL does not have an iPhone Blogger app. Actually, the reason probably is they're still busy with developing one for Android. I understand this, but it doesn't make me any less mad. There are quite a few blogging tools in Apple's App Store, but only one can post a picture and text to Blogger: VirtueSoft's BlogWriter. I used BlogWriterLite the last couple of months but found the lack of picure posting annoying. I finally bought the full version after trying e-mailing, Cellspin, and Shozu. Shozu was an epic failure, crashing before I could even activate it. I'd be content e-mailing my posts in but the text gets all screwed up (again I don't understand why Google can't fix this buy such is the world of perpetual Beta). So I fired up BlogWriter and posted a picture of my cat Misty and threw some text under it. So far, so good. It's not the prettiest thing but it should be sufficient for posting my run maps that Trails/Google Maps generate. I'll test that tomorrow morning after my run. Google, anytime you want to write an app that allows multiple photos in a post to Blogger, oooh, throw in a Picasa upload tool for the iPhone while your at it. Thanks!

Test Post

Testing picture posting ability from BlogWriter full version

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Top 10 iPhone Games, as Voted by Readers | Game | Life from

Wow. Wired really embarrased themselves with this article. No Missile
Command? SimCity 3000? Labyrinth?Hellooooooo!

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Trail App for iPhone review, very promising

I downloaded and installed the Trails App for the iPhone 3G today. I did it right before my run tonight. I also brought along my Garmin Forerunner 205 in case the app didn't work. I'd like to start by saying that the iPhone for me, as a runner, is a music player first, GPS tracker second. So if this app wouldn't work with my tunes playing, I don't care how accurate it is I wouldn't use it. Fortunately, as long as you remember to start playing your tunes first, Trails will happily work with the music in the background. You can even skip songs using the mic button on the iTunes headphones. Now, onto the app.

You start off a run by creating a "track". I'm going to include the date in every track I do as to not get them confused. Once you've created the track, you hit record. I was a little dismayed at first as the timer didn't start and the distance accrued didn't show up for about 10 seconds, but then it started functioning normally. Another important thing to test for me was would the app work in my pocket, so I tucked it away and began running normally. I checked in after about half a mile to see if it was still working and it was obediently drawing a little track of me running. So far, so good. I put it back in my pocket for good and started running my usual "S" Pattern through the Parkside neighborhood. I then crossed 167th Street into the Tinley Terrace subdivision, then on back to my house in dowtown Tinley. All told, it was 10km (Trails defaults to metric), about 6.25 miles.

Now the fun part: Getting the data off the iPhone and into Google Maps. Ideally, Trails would use the .kml format that Google Maps uses, but it instead uses the standard .gpx format. The Trails app allows you to email the .gpx file to anywhere you want, and I e-mailed myself the file. Once I got on my computer I opened and saved the attached file. Now I had to find a .gpx to .kml converter, and Google found a free web-based one here at Once the .kml file was created, I logged into my Google Maps account, created a new map, and imported the result:

View Larger Map

As you can see, pretty good. And unlike my Garmin Forerunner, the map was created by me so I don't have to worry about Garmin's TrailMotion service losing my maps.

One of my major concerns was battery life. Would the iPhone be able to simultaneously play my tunes and track my run without running down the battery? The answer is happily yes. According to my free memory app, I still have 31% of the battery left after running over an hour, and I did not start at 100% either. I believe the iPhone and Trails should be able to handle all my weekday morning runs without any problem whatsoever, and even some of my longer weekend runs as long as I don't go into the city or a heavily forested area. So far I am tremendously impressed with this app. If you own an iPhone 3G and are a runner, consider downloading this great app.

Friday, February 13, 2009

02/06/2009 run

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Super Bowl run

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AT&T 3G Network Sucks

I was curious to see what my extra 10 dollars a month was getting me in terms of speed so I went to on my lunch break and had a look. In a word: depressing. In several words: AT&T 3G is a rip-off! 1.38X EDGE speed? Weak! Sprint's network is something like 5 times faster then this. Update: I tested it again at home and the performance was considerably better, at least I got 253 kB/s this time, but I have the feeling it's running faster because it's Saturday morning now. I'll run the tests as I traverse the greater Chicagoland area.

ice rink

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stimulus package will discredit Keyenes once and for all

In a way, I'm glad the Senate passed the "Stimulus" bill, aka the "Porkulus" bill. Porkulus because this is government pork on a scale never seen before. You think Bush and the GOP were bad with thier bridges to nowhere? That's just a warm up for what we're in for now. Green government buildings, more money for the "arts", protectionist schemes and Lord only knows what else was rammed into this sham of a bill. When it doesn't fix the economy (indeed it will increase the problem by saddling with eber more debt) final, damning incontrovertible proof will have been established that Keynes economic theories are total and utter BS. As a bonus, the Democrats will be the one holding the bag on this one, as the their leaders in Congress concocted this travesty of legislation, and The Messiah Obama, who can do no wrong, signs it. A year from now, when unemployment is at double digits with no sign of abating, America is going to be pissed. But they'll only have themselves to blame for voting for these idiots in the first place. Maybe they'll take a harder look at the Libertarians on the ballot when they to throw the disciples of Keynes out.


Misty tackles Boots

iPhone Developer Program certificates

Well, I finally took the plunge and joined the iPhone developer program, even though I've only managed some "Hello, World" style apps on the simulator. While joining the iPhone developer program is pretty straight forward (assuming you have a membership in the ADC and a valid credit card), installing the certificates so you can actually transfer my app to my iPhone has become quite the adventure. You have to look up a 40 key ID that uniquely identifies your iPhone, use KeyChain services, download provision files, but then I got stuck with the following error:

"The Developer Disk Image could not be mounted. Xcode could not find an appropriate Developer Disk Image to mount on Michael Golden’s iPhone. Please contact Apple for the 2.2.1 (5H11) device support package."

The site had the following nugget:

launch the latest iPhone OS 2.2.1 SDK, double-click to open the Packages folder, double-click on DeveloperDiskImage.pkg, follow the installer's instructions and don't forget to specify the location (usually /Developers).

Then it turned out I wasn't even running the latest 2.2.1 SDK! I couldn't believe it, but sure enough when I had downloaded the 2.2.1 SDK .dmg, I managed to double-click the 2.2 SDK .dmg from last time. (I immediately went through my desktop and started trashing all my old downloads) I don't know how much of that was the problem, but after deleting the 2.2 SDK and installing the 2.2.1 SDK (you can verify which iPhone SDK you have by selecting your target. If you don't see Device 2.2.1 then you don't have the latest version), plus finishing all the steps on the ADC site for setting up your environment (more keychain stuff) I finally got the green dot next to my iPhone in the Window->Organizer, meaning I was ready to test my program out on my device! I still had to restart Xcode one more time since I was still getting a error when I went to Build and Go, but it's finally on my iPhone! I'll try and get some coherent directions up here for you fellow aspiring iPhone programmers. The best advice that I can give is to make sure you have the latest SDK and updates on your iPhone before you start, and give yourself some time to go through the whole process.

The Hunt for Red October e-book!

Finally! A truly awesome book available on eReader. Tom Clancy's masterpiece, The Hunt for Red October, is available now! Now if eReader could get the rest of Tom Clancy's books up there and some Harry Potter we can get this e-book thing really going.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Economic Change We Can Believe In: To improve the economy, eliminate the corporate income tax - Reason Magazine

The merits of eliminating the corporate income tax.

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Don't look now, Mobile Safari goes a week without crashing

I must give credit where credit is due. After updating to 2.2.1, Mobile Safari hasn't crashed once. Even listening to music simultaneously has no effect on it. I've had 5 or 6 pages up at once with no problems. Keep up the good work Apple!

Sleepy Misty

Reason Podcasts > John Stossel: The Interview - Reason Magazine

John Stossel, aka The Only Libertarian in news, gives a wide ranging

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl prediction

Well it's Super Bowl Sunday, and it's time to make a prediction. I'm really pulling for the Cardinals in this one, what with the Cards being an ex-Chicago franchise and everything. Not to mention that Larry Fitzgerald is the most fun to watch since Randy Moss was in his prime with the Vikings. This guy was genetically engineered to be an NFL receiver. 6'-3", 220, the guy is a MACHINE. And Kurt Warner can get him the rock. As long as the Cardinals O-line gives Warner some time, the Kurt-Larry duo should have four or five touchdowns. So I'm going with the Cards in this one: 34-27.

SDK installed

Well it took a while, but I got the updated SDK downloaded and installed. I've noticed that's a lot easier to work in the SDK by separating the Xcode, Interface Builder, and Simulator into different spaces. Spaces really is awesome it's been on Linux since at least Red Hat 6, I'm glad Apple added it. Goes to show how behind the times Microsoft is that they still haven't adapted it.

New iPhone SDK downloading

iPhone SDK is downloading right now. Like all Apple downloads it is gigantic (1.75 GB) I never really understood why they couldn't have a smaller patch I mean how much did the iPhone software change from version 2.2 to 2.2.1? Although I have to say, after whining and moaning about it for the last year and a half, Mobile Safari really seems more stable now. It hasn't crashed since I updated the iPhone to 2.2.1 five days ago. So consider me impressed. While adding copy and paste would have been nice, a stable Safari makes this still glaring omission tolerable. Since I spend most of my time on the iPhone in Safari, this update ranks right up there with adding the App Store.