Monday, February 16, 2009

an iPhone app for posting a picture to Blogger

Well, for reasons that still mystify me, Google STILL does not have an iPhone Blogger app. Actually, the reason probably is they're still busy with developing one for Android. I understand this, but it doesn't make me any less mad. There are quite a few blogging tools in Apple's App Store, but only one can post a picture and text to Blogger: VirtueSoft's BlogWriter. I used BlogWriterLite the last couple of months but found the lack of picure posting annoying. I finally bought the full version after trying e-mailing, Cellspin, and Shozu. Shozu was an epic failure, crashing before I could even activate it. I'd be content e-mailing my posts in but the text gets all screwed up (again I don't understand why Google can't fix this buy such is the world of perpetual Beta). So I fired up BlogWriter and posted a picture of my cat Misty and threw some text under it. So far, so good. It's not the prettiest thing but it should be sufficient for posting my run maps that Trails/Google Maps generate. I'll test that tomorrow morning after my run. Google, anytime you want to write an app that allows multiple photos in a post to Blogger, oooh, throw in a Picasa upload tool for the iPhone while your at it. Thanks!


johnn said...


My name is John and I head up the QA team here at ShoZu.

Sorry to hear you had such problems trying to use our service. Can I help at all?

You mentioned that ShoZu crashed immediately: is this still happening? If possible I would like to get it up and running for you. Keen to have you aboard!

John Neal
QA Manager, ShoZu

Jens said...

I am having the same issues right now. I am not very pleased with any of the apps I've tried out. I started a wordpress account but I'd rather not bother with that as I do like Blogger. If you've had any successes around this issue, please let me know. Thanks.