Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stimulus package will discredit Keyenes once and for all

In a way, I'm glad the Senate passed the "Stimulus" bill, aka the "Porkulus" bill. Porkulus because this is government pork on a scale never seen before. You think Bush and the GOP were bad with thier bridges to nowhere? That's just a warm up for what we're in for now. Green government buildings, more money for the "arts", protectionist schemes and Lord only knows what else was rammed into this sham of a bill. When it doesn't fix the economy (indeed it will increase the problem by saddling with eber more debt) final, damning incontrovertible proof will have been established that Keynes economic theories are total and utter BS. As a bonus, the Democrats will be the one holding the bag on this one, as the their leaders in Congress concocted this travesty of legislation, and The Messiah Obama, who can do no wrong, signs it. A year from now, when unemployment is at double digits with no sign of abating, America is going to be pissed. But they'll only have themselves to blame for voting for these idiots in the first place. Maybe they'll take a harder look at the Libertarians on the ballot when they to throw the disciples of Keynes out.

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