Monday, March 30, 2009

Rise of sea levels is 'the greatest lie ever told' - Telegraph

Rising sea levels: Bunk!

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boots on the couch with me

iPhone wireless syncing

I'm now in a crusade to get rid of all these wires on my couch. My repressed anti-wire genes I inherited from my parents is surfacing, and I find myself increasingly annoyed by the keyboard, mouse, headphone, and iPhone dock cables. I can get a wireless mouse and keyboard easily enough, and I can probably get bluetooth headphones (although I'm still haunted by previous experiences), but what about the iPhone? Why can't we sync over wi-fi? I used to be able to do this on my old Palm Tungsten C, and it was the gratest thing since plastic plumbing. Mr. Jobs, please consider it for the final release of the iPhone 3.0 software. Thanks! -- Post From My iPhone

Back from California

Wow. I've gotten so hung on facebook I really didn't post while in California. Anyways, I was out there for two days on business in Ontario, a LA suburb about 65 miles from the beach. The highlight of the trip was the weather, which was SoCal perfect, and my attempt to climb the mountain. I only made it up to 2900 feet (starting from a base point of about 2100 feet), making it to a broadcast station before I decided to head back down. The views were incredible, and it weren't for LA omnipresent smog they would have been spectacular. Below are some highlights:

Run down the mountain

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009


My new car

So check out this new car from India. At 2 grand, even my ex-roommate Angel can afford it! I can't wait for it to come to America in a few years. Hopefully the Saturn will last that long.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Link Testing


The nice thing about blogger is that it looks like normal HTML tags do in fact work. When I create my blogging app, I'll include linking, which BlogPress currently lacks. -- Post From My iPhone

DLP Cinema®: See what's playing at a digital theater near you

Digital Theaters near TP.

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iPhone 3.0 instructions

Found a nice link to those who are getting ready to upgrade to iPhone 3.0. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to be a successful iPhone game developer: Enigmo creator speaks | Technology |

I want to be like this guy....

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Misty sitting with me on the couch. She's a good pet.

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Will Kindle put a store in their iPhone app?

One of the more interesting features of iPhone OS is the ability to buy items inside the apps. This is a godsend for the ereader apps out there, as you currently have to exit an app, launch Safari, go to the company's website, log in, find the book, give your credit card info, then go back to your ereader and download it. Inconvienient, to say the least. Admittedly, Stanza has a little bit more streamlined then this, but still, wouldn't you rather be able to use your iTunes account with all your redeemed gift cards? I think Kindle would really benefit from this, seeing as they have the most titles and have the ability to get the publishers to release more. I can easily see myself buying a lot more books if this were the case. The only question in my mind is will Amazon accept the 30% cut Apple would take? Seeing as the profit margin on e-books has to be gigantic as they basically sell for far more then the paperback version and there is no physical media to print or ship, I would hope the answer is yes. Amazon, please commence work on the Kindle iPhone immediately! -- Post From My iPhone

Need a wireless keyboard and mouse

Couch computing is indeed awesome, but I need to take care of this wiring issue:

I was checking out Apple's offerings, steep in price, but they look like they'll get the job done. I tried Microsoft's wireless keyboard and was so bad it was unusable. The Mac Mini kept refusing to wake up when I used it. Hopefully the Apple products will work better.....

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BlogPress best iPhone blogging app

I was actually going to write my own blogging app because I couldn't find one to do the following:

1. Post to Blogger
2. Post multiple pictures in the same post
3. Landscape keyboard
I found it difficult to believe that after a year of the App Store being open such an application did not exist. So after a little googling this morning I found a potential winner: BlogPress. It meets my three requirements, and it actuall suprised me with a sort of bonus Picassa upload feature: You can pick which Picassa Album your uploaded pictures go into.

I've tested it on a few posts today and I have to see I'm pretty satisfied with it so far. I've read that formating could be an issue in some of the reviews, so I'll keep an eye on that. So far I can say this app is definitely worth the three bucks.

UPDATE: Yeah, formatting is an issue. I had to manually add the br tag for all my breaks. Why does every blogging app forget this? I may write my own app after all...
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6 hours to go...

Wow, the new iPhone 3.0 SDK is gigantic, and apparently slowing Apple servers to a crawl. I'm currently downloading at 85.9 kB a second, so it will be a good 6+ hours until it's done. I think I'm going to go clean my car.... -- Post From My iPhone

Passed 20,000 visits!

Hey, just visited sitemeter and saw I passed the 20,000 visit mark. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by!

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Taking the iPhone 3.0 plunge

Well, I'm going to download the new iPhone SDK and put the iPhone 3.0 software beta on the iPhone. Really looking forward to copy and paste with BlogPress, which by the way works in landscape mode quite well.

I can't really talk about it too much once I put it on thanks to the NDA, but hey, a three month head start on the rest of the world makes the iPhone developer fee worth it. Wish me luck! -- Post From My iPhone

Going to LA next week

Well, Ontario, CA to be exact, but I still hope to see some of the city of Angels while I'm out there. Hopefully I'll get a decent run and some photos. -- Post From My iPhone

Testing BlogPress

I'm testing BlogPress to see if it can do multiple pictures.

Hawks game versus Columbus

Blackhawks statue on the North Side of stadium -- Post From My iPhone



Ate at the Fatbuger for the first time since my Vegas 2000 trip. So good... It's in Orland at 151st and Lagrange, they're getting one at 95th and Western in Beverly too. Should be great for all the bar crawlers...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RealClearPolitics - Articles - Making It

John Stossel, awesome as always.

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west side run

Nice weather, 52 degrees at run time. Shame on me for not running the last few days! On a seperate note, the skip is not working on the iPhone headphones. Annoying.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TUAW reader livestreaming Tokyo Marathon from head-mounted iPhone - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

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Now AT&T 3G doesn't work at all

AT&T is apparently out to get me. Now 3G doesn't work anywhere, even where I get 5 bars. I hate AT&T. I'm paying 10 dollars more a month for the same crappy EDGE service. Is anyone else having this issue?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Which iPhone 3.0 feature would you like to see the most?

Well, tomorrow's the day! Will cut and paste on the iPhone finally become a reality? How about MMS? Video recording? Flash? Maybe A2DP? Tethering? Ok, that's a little crazy, we know A2DP and tethering aren't going to happen, and Flash looks to be on the outside looking in. Video recording is feasible but probably won't be implemented because it would drain the battery quickly and probably crash the iPhone inordinately. MMS is a real possibility but not a lock. Cut and Paste has to happen. It just has to. Apple would look so stupid going through three iterations of mobile OS X and ignoring one of the most fundamental aspects of modern computing. Everything else is gravy in my mind. I don't care if flash ever comes to iPhone, considering how long it took them to get mobile Safari right without Flash. I don't use MMS, although I know a lot of people who do so Apple would be wise to implement it. A2DP is for a handful of people who hate wires so much they don't mind looking like complete idiots while they listen to music. Video recording would be nice, I have to admit, although let's be honest here: it would look crappy, the sound would be worse, and YouTube would be inundated with even more drunken debauchery then was previously thought possible. iPhone sans video recording maybe a good thing. Tethering would be great for road warriors but come on, you know AT&T won't approve. With the data plan at 30 dollars a month though, we damn well ought to be able to tether! Guess we'll just have to wait for tomorrow to find out what we get. See you then!

Petitioning for more Kindle e-books

Just went on Amazon's website to see if a book by Instapundit was available in the Kindle e-book format. While I was sad to see that it wasn't, there was an option to ask the publisher to make it available as a Kindle book. Once these publishers realize how many people want e-books, we'll see a lot more titles available. I, for one, am refusing to buy any further books unless they are available in electronic form. I am tired of books just taking up space cluttering my little condo. I don't mind paying for books. I just want them on my iPhone, with me at all times, and my place automatically kept. Heck, use the saving trees argument, I don't care. I won't rest until Atlas Shrugged, all the Harry Potter books, and my obscure but beloved Wingman books are all available in digital form.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Couch computing with the Mac Mini

It's been three years, but couch computing has returned for me. I did some renovations here in the condo to bring the MacMini here in the living room. I mounted my flat screen right above the couch, made a little shelf for the Mac Mini, plugged everything in and off I went. I figured I spend most of my time on the couch so I might as well bring my computer by it. I know it would be easier to just get a laptop, but the Macbook is a diamond bill and that's money I don't have in these depressionary times. So a little moving was in order. Now I just have to clean this mess up.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lexi's drawing

My niece drew this today using white board.

Mark Steyn: Welcome, kids, to the Brokest Generation

Mark Steyn is a national treasure worthy of Secret Service protection.

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Kitties enjoying the fresh air

AT&T's Lack of 3G coverage in Tinley disgraceful

It truly is amazing that Apple has been able to sell as many iPhones as they have considering they are stuck with AT&T. Seriously, vast tracks of East Tinley are stuck with EDGE! Unacceptable! I bet Steve Jobs is counting down the days until the exclusive clause of the contract expires....

Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life:Amazon:Books

I'll buy this book if it's in Kindle format.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sunday, March 08, 2009

iPhone instant gratification

I think one of the reasons I love the iPhone .so much the instant gratification factor. This morning, I had a real hankering for Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood. It was the first tape I ever bought back when I was a young buck in the late 80's. Went on to iTunes and had it inside of two minutes. Didn't have to leave the couch. If only all shopping was this easy....

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Boots resting

Everything is breaking

First the iPhone died, I replaced it with the 3G version, though, so that wasn't so bad.. Next my dryer died. Then the service engine light came on, then went off. My muffler is about to fall off, and if I don't put a metal strap on it, it won't make it through next week. My car has already been on the loud side for over a year, and my driver's side window is stuck in the up position because the roll down lever is broke. The Dryer is the worst. It wasn't even three years old, and it's gonna be 600 dollars to replace it. The whole benefit of getting the condo in my mind was I'd never have to go to a laundromat again. There are days where I wish I was back in my happy party house, with it's 300 dollar a month rent.... Of course, I wouldn't have my cats...and it did have that opossum running around in the basement...maybe getting a new dryer won't be so bad.

Anti-CO2 Campaign Like An Atom Bomb On U.S. Economy

Investor's Business Daily nails this Cap and Trade bunk head on. Key
takeaway: Why is CO2 bad and methane, another greenhouse gas, good?
Because one is made by man and industry (evil) and the other is made
by cattle, benovelent creatures grazing the Earth. The fact of the
matter is that global war is indeed bunk, as I have been saying for
years. The Earth's temperature is largely dictated by solar output,
which has been on the decline for some time now. This explains why the
Earth has been <i>cooling</i> for the last decade (temperature peaked
in 1998 and has been falling ever since).
Look, this economy is already battered enough. We've blown past
recession on to the doorstep of depression. Cap and Trade would take
us over the depression threshold and keep us there until hell freezes

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Eye-Fi app for iPhone?

This could be awsome for us iPhone photographers.

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

run 03-04-2009

Ran south today into the wind, which was light. 3.5 miles in 34:40.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Chicago run

Well, as you can see, the iPhone's GPS functionality is completely screwed up by Chicago's skyscrapers. It looks worse zoomed in. Trails had me at a laughable 12 miles, whearas the Garmin had me a more reasonable 7+ miles. It looked a little suspect too, giving me a pace of 3:35 on one occasion in the shadow of the Trump tower. I'll be