Saturday, March 07, 2009

Everything is breaking

First the iPhone died, I replaced it with the 3G version, though, so that wasn't so bad.. Next my dryer died. Then the service engine light came on, then went off. My muffler is about to fall off, and if I don't put a metal strap on it, it won't make it through next week. My car has already been on the loud side for over a year, and my driver's side window is stuck in the up position because the roll down lever is broke. The Dryer is the worst. It wasn't even three years old, and it's gonna be 600 dollars to replace it. The whole benefit of getting the condo in my mind was I'd never have to go to a laundromat again. There are days where I wish I was back in my happy party house, with it's 300 dollar a month rent.... Of course, I wouldn't have my cats...and it did have that opossum running around in the basement...maybe getting a new dryer won't be so bad.

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