Monday, March 16, 2009

Petitioning for more Kindle e-books

Just went on Amazon's website to see if a book by Instapundit was available in the Kindle e-book format. While I was sad to see that it wasn't, there was an option to ask the publisher to make it available as a Kindle book. Once these publishers realize how many people want e-books, we'll see a lot more titles available. I, for one, am refusing to buy any further books unless they are available in electronic form. I am tired of books just taking up space cluttering my little condo. I don't mind paying for books. I just want them on my iPhone, with me at all times, and my place automatically kept. Heck, use the saving trees argument, I don't care. I won't rest until Atlas Shrugged, all the Harry Potter books, and my obscure but beloved Wingman books are all available in digital form.

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