Saturday, March 21, 2009

Will Kindle put a store in their iPhone app?

One of the more interesting features of iPhone OS is the ability to buy items inside the apps. This is a godsend for the ereader apps out there, as you currently have to exit an app, launch Safari, go to the company's website, log in, find the book, give your credit card info, then go back to your ereader and download it. Inconvienient, to say the least. Admittedly, Stanza has a little bit more streamlined then this, but still, wouldn't you rather be able to use your iTunes account with all your redeemed gift cards? I think Kindle would really benefit from this, seeing as they have the most titles and have the ability to get the publishers to release more. I can easily see myself buying a lot more books if this were the case. The only question in my mind is will Amazon accept the 30% cut Apple would take? Seeing as the profit margin on e-books has to be gigantic as they basically sell for far more then the paperback version and there is no physical media to print or ship, I would hope the answer is yes. Amazon, please commence work on the Kindle iPhone immediately! -- Post From My iPhone

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