Sunday, May 31, 2009

Richard K. Bank — What the Merchant Marine Can Teach the Auto Industry -

Great article on how unions kill industry.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol finale format sucks

Well I just got done reading what the AI finale format is going to be tonight and consider me underwhelmed and angry. Quick recap: Three songs per contestant. Round one: Contestant's favorite from the season, i.e. Adam and Kris will have to sing something they've done before. I didn't like when Archuleta did it last year and it doubly sucks this time. I want a new Adam Lambert performance, if I want to watch an old one I have it on DVR. Round two: Simon Fuller pick. To those of you who aren't part of the Idol faithfull, Simon Fuller is the crusty old guy who produces the show. I don't trust him to pick fairly, and I'd hate to see Kris or Adam get stuck with a clunker. Round Three: Winner's choice. I really thought Idol had dropped this stupidity of the coronation song. There was nothing worse then having to watch Jordin Sparks and Beat Box boy have to sing the same sappy crap at the end of season six. To waste Adam's and Kris's talent on this is inexcusable. There is a simple solution to this: Let the contestants pick the damn songs and may the best man win. -- Post From My iPhone

Friday, May 15, 2009

wind sprints

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Danny is gone! Yes!

Last week a great injustice was visited upon the entertainment world as America inexplicably voted Allison off and kept Danny Gokey on. This after Mr. Gokey demolished an uncoverable song (Aerosmith's Dream On) with a horrible scream that could be used to torture inmates at Gitmo. Revenge was sweet as Kris Allen managed to scrape enough votes to pass by Dan's zombie texting army. I imagine that every Allison voter switched over to Kris this week and the Nation of Gokey couldn't text the 300 times necessary to save him this time. Danny, good riddance to you Michael Boltonesque voice, your horrific dancing, and your screaming. -- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, May 03, 2009

MacBook white coming down to $849? Say it's so!

Look I love my Mac Mini, I really do. But it's getting time to move on. It's puny 60GB has been supplemented by an 500 MB external firewire harddrive, but you can only install apps on the internal drive. I'm down to 8GB, so I'm basically stuck with what's on the machine currerntly. I bumped up the Mini's inexcusable 512MB of RAM to 2GB, but I need a had to use two putty knives to crack it open, some magnetic screwdrivers, and some very steady hands to do it. And don't get me started on the weak Intel video card. It's getting time to upgrade. I need to be mobile again. If I want to bang out some code at lunch at work, I should be able to. My main deterant has been the dime ($1,000 for those not familiar with gambling) I'd have to drop to get one. A thousand dollars for a laptop? Even with Mac OS X, the greatest operating system ever, it's pretty steep for a machine that would go for about $600 in the Windows world. Hence, my Mac Mini, which cost $600. It's like a laptop without the portability. It was a great way to get introduced to the Cult of Mac. But it's time to get the MacBook white.

Which is why I so glad I saw this on the web. It asks "would you pay $849 for a Macbook?" Um, yeah. $150 off? Absolutely! Especially if it has Snow Leopard on it. Can't wait till this is official.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Couch programming environment

All I need is to bring my mini-fridge over! I've got my portable keyboard/mouse lapdesk in place (note my malfunctioning wireless mouse and keyboard off to the side, damn bluetooth!) so I'm to coding land. I'm eating, drinking and sleeping the Objective-C language until it comes as natural to me as English. I've got to get my programs ready so when iPhone Beta 3 SDK is finished I can put an app in the app store! I'm on a mission!