Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol finale format sucks

Well I just got done reading what the AI finale format is going to be tonight and consider me underwhelmed and angry. Quick recap: Three songs per contestant. Round one: Contestant's favorite from the season, i.e. Adam and Kris will have to sing something they've done before. I didn't like when Archuleta did it last year and it doubly sucks this time. I want a new Adam Lambert performance, if I want to watch an old one I have it on DVR. Round two: Simon Fuller pick. To those of you who aren't part of the Idol faithfull, Simon Fuller is the crusty old guy who produces the show. I don't trust him to pick fairly, and I'd hate to see Kris or Adam get stuck with a clunker. Round Three: Winner's choice. I really thought Idol had dropped this stupidity of the coronation song. There was nothing worse then having to watch Jordin Sparks and Beat Box boy have to sing the same sappy crap at the end of season six. To waste Adam's and Kris's talent on this is inexcusable. There is a simple solution to this: Let the contestants pick the damn songs and may the best man win. -- Post From My iPhone

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