Sunday, May 03, 2009

MacBook white coming down to $849? Say it's so!

Look I love my Mac Mini, I really do. But it's getting time to move on. It's puny 60GB has been supplemented by an 500 MB external firewire harddrive, but you can only install apps on the internal drive. I'm down to 8GB, so I'm basically stuck with what's on the machine currerntly. I bumped up the Mini's inexcusable 512MB of RAM to 2GB, but I need a had to use two putty knives to crack it open, some magnetic screwdrivers, and some very steady hands to do it. And don't get me started on the weak Intel video card. It's getting time to upgrade. I need to be mobile again. If I want to bang out some code at lunch at work, I should be able to. My main deterant has been the dime ($1,000 for those not familiar with gambling) I'd have to drop to get one. A thousand dollars for a laptop? Even with Mac OS X, the greatest operating system ever, it's pretty steep for a machine that would go for about $600 in the Windows world. Hence, my Mac Mini, which cost $600. It's like a laptop without the portability. It was a great way to get introduced to the Cult of Mac. But it's time to get the MacBook white.

Which is why I so glad I saw this on the web. It asks "would you pay $849 for a Macbook?" Um, yeah. $150 off? Absolutely! Especially if it has Snow Leopard on it. Can't wait till this is official.

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