Thursday, June 11, 2009

WWDC keynote

Well they didn't name the iPhone the iPhone Video. Good, best not to brag about features phones have had for years. The days of the AT&T exclusivity agreement are probably coming to an end, buoyed by the fact that they have overpriced, crippled plans that can even support simple things like tethering and MMS. Keeping the iPhone 3g around at $99, that was nice. Good bye, Pre. Hope you enjoyed the 2 days of hype. MacBook Pros hundreds of dollars less? Nice. I still won't buy one, hoping for Macbook White to drop (unlikely). Snow Leopard really didn't have any surprises, appreciated the $30 dollar upgrade price. Didn't appreciate the waiting 'til September for it, but hey, OSs are complicated. And no Steve Jobs, not surprised, but still disappointed. Miss the Reality Distortion Field.

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