Thursday, July 30, 2009

Campaign For Liberty — What's the Establishment Got to Hide? | by Peter Orvetti

Auditing the Fed will show us what's going on behind the green curtain.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Acceration app

Working on my acceleration app, found adding a subtraction constant of .5 keeps the ball in the center while held at a 45 degree angle. Now adding the fire button.

Running the West Side

I ran the West Side yesterday, miles thirteen through 22 of the Chicago Marathon. Everything went fine with the exception of the iPhone dying right before 18th street. I soldiered on without it, but running up desolate Archer truly sucks without music. I'll always make sure it's fully charged before next time!!

AT&T: The iPhone's Achilles Heel -- Seeking Alpha

I concur. Verizon, let's get LTE in place sooner rather then later,

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why is Atlas Shrugged Not on Kindle

I've noticed that when I ask for things on my blog they are generally granted, with the notable exception of a Blogger iPhone app. So I ask Amazon and the estate of Ayn Rand for the following: Atlas Shrugged in Kindle format. I enjoy reading Kindle books on the iPhone, but for some reason my favorite novel is unavailable, despite it's tremendous popularity. Come on Amazon, you're sitting on a fortune here. Give us Atlas Shrugged! (and all the Harry Potter books too) Just Kidding! -- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Chicago Marathon 2009 Directions

Directions for Chicago 2009 Marathon:

Start by going North on Columbus Dr at Monroe then left onto

Grand Ave then left onto

Rush St. then right onto

Hubbard St then left onto

State St. then left onto

Jackson Blvd then left onto

LaSalle St which then becomes Lasalle Drive and then you go left onto

Stockton Dr then you go right onto

Fullerton Dr. and then you lefto onoto

Cannon Dr. and then you take a soft right onto

Sheridan Rd.and then you take a soft left onto

Inner Lake Shore Dr. and then a left onto

Addison St. and then a left onto

Broadway St. and then a left onto

Clark St. then a right onto

Webster Ave followed by an immediate left onto

Sedgwick St. which then you go left onto

North Ave.then a right onto

Wells St. and then a right onto

Hubbard St and then a left onto

Orleans St. which after you cross the bridge becomes

Franklin St. and then you go right onto

Adams St. then a left onto

Damen Ave. then a left onto

Van Buren then a left onto

Ogden then a right onto

Jackson Blvd then a right onto

Halsted then a right onto

Taylor Street then a left onto

Ashland then a left onto

18th Street then a right onto

Halsted then a left onto

Archer then a right onto

Cermak then a right onto

Wentworth then a left onto

33rd then a right onto

State then and then a left onto

35th and then a left onto

Michigan then a right onto

Roosevelt then a left onto

Columbus and then YOU FINISHED!

iMovie letterboxing is slow

I'm getting serious with my iMovie work. I just recorded a 21 minute clip of me tooling around Tinley Park in preparation for recording the 2009 Chicago Marathon route. It took about 50 minutes to 'letterbox' the clip once I had imported it. I edited out all the traffic stops, then exported in .mov format. Exporting took another 15 minutes. It turns out that to get the time lapse effect I was looking for, though, I needed to turn Time Lapse on BEFORE I imported the video. Sigh. Now I know for next time.

Sticky notes program a buried treasure in OS X

I just rediscovered the greatest little program in Mac OS X: Stickies. I had used it ages ago on a whim, but didn't like the little notes cluttering my screen. With Spaces enabled, however, I can reserve an entire Space for just the Stickies! This is a great organizational tool that I plan to use for the foreseeable future.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vibration on the iPhone achieved

Managed to get the iPhone to vibrate, fairly easy to implement using the same AudioToolbox framework as before.

Can now play sounds on iPhone

It's Saturday so that means wife at work. I generally use these wife-free times to code the iPhone. Today I had I fairly good breakthrough: Playing sounds. I recorded my voice using Quicktime Pro and my microphone. Exported the file to .wav format, and then included the sound file in my Resources folder in my project. I included the Audiobox framework and threw in some code from my Callen book. A couple of tweaks to the code and it compiled. I linked the IBAction in Interface Builder, saved it, and then I ran it through the Simulator. Lo and behold, I heard my voice when I clicked on the button. I just wish I didn't sound so goofy.

Tosser show

Saw the Tossers last night they are friggin' amazing. Seriously, they are the greatest band you've never heard of.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Kindle app saved me money

So I was in Borders last night because Public Enemies was sold out at Marcus, looking for an iPhone SDK book. I then saw a book called Inside Steve's Mind. I leafed through it and it looked interesting. Interesting, but not 23 dollars interesting. Then I remembered: Kindle for iPhone! Went to Amazon's Kindle page and searched for it and lo and behold, there it was for 14 dollars! Saved 9 bucks! It was downloaded onto my iPhone before my wife could pay for her books. Thanks Amazon! -- Post From My iPhone