Saturday, August 08, 2009

iTablet doomed to Apple TV status without Snow Leopard

I really, really want this iTablet thing to exist. However, I want it to be called a Macbook Touch, have Snow Leopard on it, and in general not be a glorified iPod Touch. I know Steve Jobs is a man of Reason, and he must realize it is not Reasonable to have a crippled computer, dependent on another computer to be able to function. Think about an iPhone. You can't use it unless you have another computer to sync up with, whether to backup up your music, put your movies on it, or update it to the latest OS. You can't even rearrange your photo album without the outside assistance of iTunes running on another computer. That's OK for an iPod or even an iPhone (although I would dearly like MobileMe to do all this in the cloud, which will never happen so never mind) But an 800 dollar computer? No way. No how.

I've read some very disturbing reports from supposed analysts that say this is some Apple TV replacement garbage, running on some iPhone OS variant, and I'm thinking, no, this just can't be. It can't. Apple would never make such a crappy product, would it? But then, they did make Apple TV, didn't they? Stupid thing doesn't even have Blue Ray, and is stuck playing the miniscule movie selection of the iTunes store, in lo-def no less! Say what you want about the Mac Mini, at least it has OS X.

That's the choice Apple has: Make some kind of weird Apple TV/Big iPod Touch for the niche market of weirdos that thought TV was dead and we'd get all of our content from iTunes, or build something that will actually be useful, like Mac Mini and it's proper Mac OS X operating system, except it will have a touch screen. I would buy a Macbook Touch with Snow Leopard. I've wanted a Macbook for some time but thought a thousand dollars is steep for a laptop. Give me an 800 dollar Macbook Touch and I'll camp out at the Apple Store the day it's released. If not, I'll stick with my Mac Mini/iPhone ecosystem, thank you. -- Post From My iPhone

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