Sunday, August 02, 2009

iTablet is a no go without Snow Leopard

Not that Steve really cares what I think, but I would like to reiterate my stance on the supposed iTablet in the face of the latest rumours.

1. No Snow Leopard, no chance I'm buying it. The lastest rumour is iTablet will be based on an ARM chip, not an Intel Atom. Since Snow Leopard is apparently an operating system based now solely on Intel chips, I'm afraid it will get stuck with an iPhone like OS. This is not good. People may tolerate a locked down OS for thier phones, but computers? I'm thinking no. People aren't going to drop 800 bucks for something that won't let them multitask or save files locally. Unless Snow Leopard is being built for ARM chips, which I've heard absolutely nothing about, expect this thing to be an overgrown iPod touch.

2. iTablet? That just doesn't sound right. Am I the only one that thinks iTablet is a dumb name? Doesn't exactly roll of the tongue. If the thing had a real Mac OS, I could seeing bein called a MacTab or something like that. Since it's probably going to have the iPhone OS, it should be called something like iPod Grande.

3. $800? Is it just me or is that insane for what essentially an overgrown iPod? I know Apple is all about premium pricing, but in case anyone needed reminding we are in a recession/depression.

I hope I'm wrong. I wish Apple all the best, and I really want them to succeed. But if this thing is shaping up the way the rumors are going, I don't care how goord Steve Job's reality distortion field is, this thing's going to be another Mac Mini or Apple TV, i.e a niche product. Please Steve, put Snow Leopard on it or don't release it at all. -- Post From My iPhone

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