Sunday, October 18, 2009

Droid is coming, Apple is scared. Not.

So there were some Droid commercials dissing the iPhone last night. I'm sure Steve Jobs is quaking in his New Balances. Look, I love Google, and it's a given that Verizon's network is completely superior to AT&T's, but Google/Verizon/Motorola would have to pay me to use Droid. Break my AT&T contract for $175 (I actually don't have any problems with their coverage), give up all my iPhone apps, convert all my iTunes files because the iPhone doesn't have full multitasking or interchangeable batteries? Verizon, you're going to have to do better then that.

They're simply two years too late. Millions of people have bought into the whole iTunes/App Store ecosphere, and while it's not perfect, most people are extremely satisfied with it. Now if AT&T had crap coverage in my area and I was a Sprint or existing Verizon customer, I might be excited. But I'm not. A bit of friendly advice to Verizon: Stick to attacking AT&T with your clever "There's a map for that ads". There's a legit beef there. But since you're not going to convert many iPhone users who have decent coverage, you might want to drop these "iDon't" ads because all you're doing is making Steve Jobs angry. And you don't want to see Steve when he's angry.


chris and sarah said...

Where are you now on the whole iPhone is not scared of the Droid...Blah Blah Blah.

Tinley Harrier said...

iPhone's now way ahead of the droid, to the extent that they're not even in the rear view now.