Saturday, October 03, 2009

Kindle for iPhone good, but not great

As I sit here at the local Jiffy Lube I'm glad that I have the option of perusing the dozen or so titles in Amazon Kindle app library. While I'd prefer that Apple would have just added iBooks to the iTunes store, Kindle's online store is a close second inconvience, with a decent search feature and one-click shopping. So it's good, but not great. Why? In a word, selection.

There are around 250,000+ books in the Kindle store. That may seem like a lot, until you consider the millions of books that are not in the store. Now granted, a lot of those millions are tripe that have sold less then 5,000 copies that the world wouldn't miss. But no Harry Potter? Atlas Shrugged? These are mega best sellers. Why are they not in the store? Is it the publisher? Is it the author?

I mean, isn't the whole publishing industry a bunch of leftist kooks that should be considering the negative effects of cutting down the trees to produce the paper version of these tomes? Hmmm? The book industry needs to go electronic for the enviromental benefits if nothing else. Or they're just hypocrites.

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